Replacing Sagemcom Router


I have recently tried to replace the Sagemcom router with the TP-Link AC600V router.
As soon as change over the connections, the TP-Link router can't get an internet connection.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there some sort of setting or connection information that I require.


The rest of the network comes back as I have it all as DHCP, even with the change of gateway to 1.1.


I basically want to take the Sagemcom out of the equation in the end.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Replacing Sagemcom Router


Hi, from what I have read, you have been using the wretched Sagemcom already, so your device has registered the connection as functional,this is correct..?  If so, then you should not have to do anymore than plug in the TP-Link and be up and running.  The strange thing is I have tried several searches for the unit as you have it typed in and I get no hits. The closest is a wifi router..?? Maybe you could reset it and try again. Are you sure it is NBN capable..?? lastly are you connecting to the correct input line..??


Might sound like I am asking some simple and dumb questions, but believe me, they are some of the simplest mistakes to make and repatedly too LoL.  If you can post any images that would also be a great help, both of the specs and the cable connectors etc.



If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
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Re: Replacing Sagemcom Router


Hi Jeff,


My apologies - the router I am using is the TP-Link Archer VR600V Modem Router. 


To answer your questions and give you more insight.

you have been using the wretched Sagemcom already - Yes, everything functions correctly using the Sagemcom router.

- Are you sure it is NBN capable - I purchased it due to the fact it was listed on whirlpool as being compatible and looks like it provided but another RSP as their option -


Connection setup

Comes out of the UNI port (i only have 1 active port) of the NBN box to the WAN/LAN port of the VR600. Then goes from a LAN port to my 8port POE switch and then off to the access point and my hard wired ports around the house.


Other strange setup is that if i change the default gateway from in the TP-Link to I can no longer access the TP-Link - (but thats another issue for another day, i don't really care about the gateway address, as long as i can get the net working without the Sagemcom.)


I know enough about networks to get myself into and out of trouble.  This seems very odd that I can't get active service.  I have changed the settings from ADSL to VDSL and all the other variables it allows.  I even set the whole thing up and then power cycled everything in case it needed to authenticate a new router.....nothing.

The network itself comes up fine and all devices connect with DHCP without an issue.  It is just the active net connection doesnt appear.




Re: Replacing Sagemcom Router


Dean, I followed the information you hade posted.  I am like you, I know enough to get myself out of trouble and help others 95% of the time. Sometimes I am totally baffled and I can admit defeat. In this one, I find a multitude of conflicting information on the TP-Link unit, don't get me wronk though, I have one and I made sure my daughter had one as well.  In your case, a lot of people refer to it as ADSL only, then others who do use it on FTTB/N have been having some problems with just plain connecting. Here is another link with some more information   Try and see if anything in here rattles any chains with you. It seems like there are some restrictions in this unit that need to be addressed, but whether they are the ones affecting you, I am not sure. 
As for Whirlpool, I am a member there too under a different name, but I swear sometimes that place lives up to its alter ego name,...."WHINGEPOOL"...!!! Some people rattle their moth off without even thinking.

If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!
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