Repeated Lies from Support about NBN Connection


Hi there, I'm a longterm Optus cable customer and recently tried to switch over to NBN HFC.


It was installed a week ago and all I've had since is that "activation will be complete in 24-48 hours" I've been told this after every phone call and internet chat. I estimate I've spent 20 hours or more on chat/phone calls with support and it is going nowhere fast.


Is anyone able to estimate when the service might actually be activated?





Re: Repeated Lies from Support about NBN Connection


We've heard this complaint enough times to wonder if they put you on a large NBN queue of some kind, but won't admit it. I don't know whether the correct way forward is to issue more threats, or just ignore them and get a mobile account for a while.

Re: Repeated Lies from Support about NBN Connection


Oh my goodness, they get worse - the support guy I just spoke to said he was going to escalate my call and then just put me back through to the main menu when you first call the support number.


The service is staggering.


I've logged 2 complaints with the Telecom Industry Ombudsman - ( which everyone should do. And I've tried to lodge a complaint with Optus, no idea how that has gone.


I think I'm going to call Telstra.



Re: Repeated Lies from Support about NBN Connection


I am in exactly the same boat. NBN Activation Friday, 4 solid green lights on the Arris modem, zero internet connection.


Optus chat '24/7' has no available operators. 


Phone menus send you an SMS about activation date that's in the past. 


Was given the 'Escalated, wait 48 hrs for update' message on live chat on Monday and as expected, no update 48 hrs later. Our NBN tech told us that TPG and Telstra HFC activations are nearly instant. This has been confirmed by multiple friends. Optus however, can't give a straight answer for why there is a delay. 


Can a rep help on this forum please?

Re: Repeated Lies from Support about NBN Connection


Managed to get through to NBN Activations Team on chat last night around 10pm.


She said the 48 hr update promised to us 4 days ago was indeed posted in their system, which was simply a note to 'ask the customer to wait another 48 hrs'. Then nobody passed this on to us. Kid you not.


She then said that NBN Co. hasn't lodged the Activation Certificate which Optus needs to see before provisioning the NBN HFC service. To get them to explain this was like drawing blood from a stone. At this point we don't even know if this is true or not. If true, it could be why others here are experiencing delays. If true, why wouldn't Optus contact affected customers and explain this? 


Meanwhile we're continuing to pay our $70 for ADSL/month on top of our $100/month for the new NBN connection to maintain connectivity. 

We lodged a complaint with the TIO as well. Back to waiting.


I've been promised an update today but we are regretting our decison to order NBN with Optus. 

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