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Removal of overhead cable


We have recently had an Optus NBN HFC cable installation completed.

Previously we were connected via Optus  cable  and would like the old cable removed.  Optus tells us that this is not possible. I did notice an earlier post (March 2019) but the poster did not appear to get a sataisfactory reply. I did ask the NBN technician when he came to complete the installation but was told that he couldn't do anything as it was an Optus, not an NBN  issue.

Any suggestions? .

Re: Removal of overhead cable


It is an Optus issue and they will generally schedule someone to remove it on request (they just come out at a random day and take it off). Unfortunately (fortunately?) the Optus service team can give conflicting answers so I'd suggest recontact them and ask another sales staff to put in the request. It might take a couple of goes though.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Removal of overhead cable


More info can be found here: Overhead Cable Installation & Removal

You will need to get someone who is aware of the process, reference the above page if you need to. 

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Re: Removal of overhead cable


Many thanks for the contact details.

Now waiting for the OPTUS technician to come today to remove the cable (although given the current Sydney weather he may postpone).

Thanks for the help.



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