Re: Relocation


I hope today i get service connected 


Re: Relocation


Dan I have sent you PM I am waiting to hear back from you guys 


Today is second connection date and so far I am not connected 


Could you please check and update What is going on



Re: Relocation


Dan and Hannah


Since you guys have disappeared. I tried contacting customer service over chat and i am told to wait for 48 hours... what's going on ...

If i am not getting connected today.. i will walk away from optus and there will be no contract breaking charges as you guys have failed for second time to provide me service.


I will wait for your reply till today eod... I have already raised complaint and will take it to ombudsman


and would certainly post entire story on forums

Re: Relocation


As expected didn't got connected today and got msg that it will be activated on further date 


That's it guys you have messed up again 


Please cancel my subscription with immediate effect as you guys have failed to provide services


It was my mistake I trusted you guys when u said it would be done by 21 feb and you will provide internet assistant kit in the mean while 


Both things didn't happen and I am left without internet which is causing trouble


I will go to ombudsman as you guys made false commitments and now u are not bothered to reply


I can't wait forever 


You guys can't handled simple relocation request.and I am not bounded to be in contract with you guys 



Re: Relocation


Continuing my story....


last wednesday i visited optus store to put up another complaint(yes scecond complaint) as stated on this link


Which was a complete waist people in store just gave me excuse they cannot pull my details or check status as they don't have that system it can only be done online.


I called Optus Team on last wednesday and waited on phone line for 45 minutes to get someone on other side to cancel service as they couldn't provide me service.. to which i was told i can't do that because it was a contract... 


 "Contract "  for not providing service and paying bills and suffering...


Guy on the other end told me it will be done by 28th Feb 2018 i waited as it would have taken same time with new provider.....


today its Final Day... waiting for service to be started....  let's see if i get to hear some new excuse or they start it finally...


after all this drama going on for almost a month if they mess up this today i am going to complaint TIO for the Contract Binding which they are talking to me 




Re: Relocation


Dan , Hannah & Jinesh...



You guys have disappeared not replying at all to any PM


I am still not connected... 

Re: Relocation


Dan , Hannah and Jinesh


Same thing again...


I contact optus today afternoon i was told it is activated


Support team lied to me it's done


Later when i couldn't connect i contacted again and i was told 


I completely understand your situation here and we are sorry to ask you to wait again, I would also like to inform you that this is not the usual way of us doing business as we do care for our customers. In this case its just that we are not able to do anything different here as we rely on NBN 

As I see the CRG team and the NBN team are working together to this sorted for you  We request your understanding here and we need your support to work together to resolve this issue for you. 


to be honest with there is an issue with your service  and unfortunately there is a miss communication 


And i was told we cannot give you exat time frame....


if you guys cannot give service why do you bind people in contract... Not fair... 




Re: Relocation


I am having the same issues, 8 hours i have counted on the phone.  Several times they have promised to call me back, nobody does apart from one guy who then said he would call back and didnt.



Every time i call you get moved from one department to another, nobody can resove my issue. Impossible to get nbn setup at my NBN ready house.........



Re: Relocation




I've replied back to thread →


Send through your details and we'll take a look. 


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Re: Relocation


OMG!! We are going through the EXACT same issue. I am so angry. Have put in a complaint. All I want is my internet connected at our new house. How hard is it!! Obviously too hard...

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