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Relocation support - NBN issue ( pathetic service)

What an unfortunate and frustrating experience. We relocated to a new place and ensured that our internet is switched on at the right time and. We got all the records from Optus - the mail and chat confirming the connection is moved. The internet worked fine for 3-4 days and suddenly went off one fine. And then started out frustrating journey. 2 hour call each day from the last 4 days, getting into customer queues for not less than 25 minutes. Making us dance around changing connections, talking to at least 7 dufferebt people. Finally someone said that 2 days back that Optus changed your new adddress but nbn did not. Wow and now whose job is this. 

They couldn’t answer why it worked fine for 4-5 days at new place if the address wasn’t changed. 


They promised to send dongle before weekend because of my hue and cry as kids couldn’t download their homework and it was new location for her. Again on the weekend whole frustration of calling customer care and now they mentioned they can’t do anything today and will now talk to nbn on Monday. I am really done and disappointed to the core. Really need help....

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New Contributor

Re: Relocation support - NBN issue ( pathetic service)

I am having the exact same problem and they just pass you from person to person