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I filled out the relocation request A MONTH before I moved in the hopes that it would get the ball rolling, it got it rolling alright, just in the wrong direction. I’m feeling like I take 1 step forward and get pushed back 2. 

I have been living in my new house for over a week now, made contact with Optus on many occasions in that week via many forums (Facebook, live chat, by phone) each time I’m told something different. On Friday I was told my contract was cancelled due to “contract dispute”, I was happy with the contract we had, I wish you would make it possible to use.

before we moved in I set the date of the 10th December (oh, that’s today) for the tech From NBN to come out to activate the service, when I rang to confirm this last Wednesday I was told “no appointment was made” and upon further chasing up on this issue (by myself, never given any info by Optus) I was told about my contract being cancelled. Hello square one, my old friend. I was asked if I still wanted the contract, thinking that agreeing to the contract would be simple and I’d have my NBN turned on by today (stupidly thinking that a company that has stuffed up so badly would move heaven and earth to keep a customer from going to the TIO) but no, it took, once again, me asking what was going on to be told it was sitting with the relocation team. Why? Isn’t it a new contract now due to your epic stuff up and cancelling the original contract? 

I run a small business from home and rely heavily on having my internet. Thanks to your stuff up I have lost a lot of time and money over the weekend. 

My husband also is working from home right now because he’s work place is having problems installing NBN, he relies also on the NBN but is stuck using a dongle which is slow and is costing him time and money. He has billable hours and when it takes longer to do reports due to slow internet then he has to work late into the night.

i want a solution to this by TODAY, I want the company that I choose as my NBN to move heaven and earth to have my NBN running in my house by Thursday 5pm at the latest. If I don’t hear back from someone from Optus by midday then I will be taking this up with the TIO and I will be signing a contract with Telstra who have told me they will have the NBN running in my home by the weekend coming.

ball is now in your court Optus. Do not write back to me with BS apologies, actions speak louder than words

Re: Relocation stuff up


Hi @Brooklynteresa, I know several days have now passed since you've posted this message, but I would like to try and help out.

We have a number of contacts within our NBN activation teams as well as a wealth of knowledge on our end. I'm confident that we'd be able to get the ball rolling. 


If it's too late, I do understand - I just thought it'd be worth a shot touching base with you. 


If you'd like to chat with us over private message. I'm happy to do that with you. 

I'll need your full name, DOB and account number. 


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