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So i arranged last week to have my internet account moved to a new address (good old broadband) and was told by the optus rep on the phone that NBN was available in my area and would i like it. Of course I said yes and they said no worries we will send you the info and relocate your account. I received an email to say it was active and went to plug in my trusty modem with no success, having not used NBN before I was unaware that additional hardware was required so i called Optus back after attempting to follow their instructions and realising the futility when i did not have an NBN connection box etc. so they 'cancelled' one order and issued another then asked what a good day would be for a technician to come out, the earliest time available was Monday between 8 and 12 noon so i said yes lets do it then. My wife took the day off work and waited and waited, no one showed. I called Optus and not only was there no technician coming, nothing had been actioned at all, no hardware sent, no appointments made, nothing.


After much bitching on the phone at someone who probably didn't deserve it I am now told that an order has been actioned and an appointment made for Monday morning (next monday) and that any required hardware will arrive on Friday! I am very frustrated, expecially after I have told anyone who will listen for years that Optus is the company to go with, apparently its only that way if you do not try to change anything or want anything actioned.


What do i do in this situation? I just have to wait til Monday I guess and hope this time that someone actually shows.

Re: Relocation of NBN


Yeah its not a great experience. Hopefuly once everyone is on the NBN then moving your internet is a lot easier. 


FWIW the NBN guy usually brings out the NBN hardware box that your house requires. I assume Optus are just going to send you another one of their modems (that plugs into the NBN box). 


Unfortunately, Optus don't have direct control over when the NBN sends out the echnician and can only request a booking on your behalf. Looks like next Monday it is for you.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Relocation of NBN


Thanks Peter, i can understand that NBN is external to telcos. What I can't understand is that I was told one thing and then there was absolutely no action on the part of Optus to book the appointment even though on the phone I was told that the guy was checking and that was the first available time, would i like to book it. If it was going to take longer and they told me that initially I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

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