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Relocation of NBN messed up 3 times!


This is the 3rd time my nbn relocation has been stuffed up by optus. I've been to multiple optus stores spoken to 5 different nbn representatives at optus with not one of them able to help me. 


Can i please have an email address to contact to have this resolved or to cancel all of my service's with optus.

Re: Relocation of NBN messed up 3 times!


Hi @Jordan2323. That sounds incredibly frustrating. 

Were we able to give you a reason as to why we're having so much trouble with this one? Is the delay due to an NBN Infrastructure issue, or a problem that we seem to be having processing the order? 

I'd really suggest jumping messaging us on Social. You PM us on Facebook or send us a DM on Twitter. I'm confident that the team will be able to point you in the right direction.

Let us know how you go. 

Re: Relocation of NBN messed up 3 times!


Thankyou for the response.


The first time i relocated online for some reason Optus started a complete new service under my name so i ended up paying double the amount of my service for 4 month's.  This was finally resolved after many phone calls and vists to optus stores.


The second time the same thing happend again! Unbelievable. I had it resolved before i was charged double again. although this put a delay on my relocation and took 2 months for them to connect it. Optus advised me to purchase a wireless moderm from them to use for the period i had no nbn connection. I was supposed to be reimbursed for the modern i purchased. ( didn't happen ) not to mention the hundreds of dollars i spent on recharging the wireless moderm...


You'd think i would have learnt to take my business elsewhere after this drama.


Third time.  Submitted a relocation online 3 weeks ago. I received the text message with my relocation reference number and was supposed to be updated within 3 business days. No updates for 7 business days. I then called optus to see what was happening and they told me i have no NBN service linked to my account!   I then went into an optus store they to where confused ( my account clearly shows an NBN service active still at my old address. Yet my 4 lasted bills have no NBN nor internet service listed. Only my mobile phone.   The staff advised me to call NBN activations team so i did today. I was transfered to 4 different people with the last one hanging up on me.. 


Meanwhile i have been getting numerous text messages from optus stating my service is active yet it's not at all.  The whole thing is messed up. my account is all over the place with no optus representatives in store or via phone with a clue of what they're looking at. 


This is also a business account which makes it even more frustrating.




Re: Relocation of NBN messed up 3 times!


Which online form did you submit?

For a business account it should be this one (1-5 services)

For 6+ services you'll need to call 13 33 43

Ultimately we'd suggest chatting with a Business Specialist as unfortunately this is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.  

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