Relocation Nightmare


Placed a relocation order through live chat on the 20th May 2017 with a disconnection date of 31st May and connection at the new premises on the 1st June. During this chat I also organised moving up to the $80 month-to-month plan on my connection date to take advantage of the higher speeds going from ADSL2+ to NBN FTTP and waiving the relocation fee.


On 1st June, I rang up to enquire about the delivery status of my new modem, the Sagemcom F@ST AC WiFi modem that is included with the new plan, and I was told Optus had no record of my relocation order or the chat itself and that it had been "lost" in the system. After being disconnected several times on live chat, transfered to six different people and departments, and nintey minutes later I then placed another request and was told I would be connected on the 7th June. My ADSL2+ service was disconnected.


On 6th June, I again rang up to enquire about my modem. No tracking number was issued but I was told that a technican will be at my place tomorrow morning as planned to connect my service. I then receive a call from Optus at 7pm, just over twelve hours from my commection date, to be told that only now were they booking in my appointment with NBN Co and the next available appointment was the 19th June.


My third, (yes third) connection date, assuming it actually gets connected, is now over four weeks from when I placed my first relocation order. Is anyone else having this kind of trouble, also what competitors could you recommend?

Re: Relocation Nightmare


Did you ever get connected.. i am going through same pain... 


Re: Relocation Nightmare


I just read up on your experience and I can definitely empathise. This was a little while ago now but from memory, I think we were eventually connected on the 19th.


In saying that, we were told in order to get the “faster” modem we would need to either be a new customer or pay an additional fee. I haggled and asked him if we could get it free because of the whole mess with the connection and a few days later the basic modem arrived. So thank the lord, we now have three of those bad boys in a cupboard somewhere.


Apparently NBN had been reserving us the connection dates that we were originally given to us, but because Optus weren’t confirming the dates, they would expire and be given to someone else.


In short, yes we were connected on the 19th but due to the lack of competence or offer of compensation we cancelled our service with Optus literally the following day.

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