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I'm just after some advice & I'm hoping someone might be able to help. Apologies in advance if I haven't got the terminology correct! We recently had an NBN technician through Optus come out & attempt to install NBN. He said that he was unable to do so as he couldn't go through the roof cavity (he mentioned it was blocked). He suggested we'd need an electrician come out & pre-wire for NBN & install an RG6 cable & also work out a way of accessing the cavity rather than the conduit being positioned on the outside/fascade of the house & running down the length of the wall looking unsightly. I was surprised that the technician didnt have any other suggestions on how to get around the issue, as I'm sure this must be a common problem with older brick houses? We have a 1930's brick house that has recently been renovated, although the renovations didnt involve the area where the conduit is supposed to go. We currently have broadband internet with optus. Do we need to get an electrician who specialises in NBN or will any electrician be able to do it? Also I gather we will have to wear the cost of the electrician, even through NBN is compulsory? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hmm, maybe ask optus to organise another NBN Tech. For us, the technician pull a new cable from the street light to the eve of the house, run a long conduit from the first floor to the ground floor, install and isolator box and piggy back the cable back up into the roof space then follow the existing Optus cable to the kitchen. I guess depends on the access if it is completely blocked then they might be reluctant to do it or not in their scope of work. Maybe they can piggy back on the exisiting Optus cable to pull in the new line. 

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Re: Problems with NBN installation


I also noticed such a problem, I hope it has already been fixed.

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Re: Problems with NBN installation


The bill for NBN 

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