Pre-ordered NBN, No contact from Optus


I preorded the NBN on the 16/03/17. Got the email confirmation saying that optus recieved the pre-order and that i will hear from optus once the NBN was available in my area and that i would  recieve a $250 Visa eftpos gift card will within 28 days. I have checked the optus website and the NBN is available in my area now but there hasn't been any contact from optus since i placed the pre-order and i havn't recieved the gift card either. I would love to know when optus is going to contact me about this?

Re: Pre-ordered NBN, No contact from Optus


Hey russelln - very sorry for the lack of contact on our part. Have you heard any thing since last week? If you're still needing this followed up please send through a PM with your reference number, full name and DOB. Gen

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