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Porting blocked/restricted number to Optus NBN

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Okay , waiting on my NBN to be connected I get a phone call from optus saying they are unable to process the number port over to Optus because there seems to me a block or restriction on my number (so until, the block is removed they can't proceed with the port) they give me advice to call Telstra , even though my number is through  another carrier / reseller called Club-Telco ....I call telstra they say they don't have any control over my existing number they advise to call club-telco , club telco say there's no restrictions and my number is free to port.


okay , now for some background - I've been here before , weeks ago I tried to connected to Telstra NBN after 4 failed attempts / orders & compliant & case manager ...they were unable to port or explain why they can't , so me thinking that it's a telstra internal problem I canned the order. And went with Optus. 


I contacted the NBN they can't help to take it up with ISP. 


Can someone please give a insight on what is happening ? 


Thank you 


Re: Porting number to Optus NBN


That does sound pretty frustrating. Without knowing the details I can only assume there has to be some kind of issue, Optus would port your number over if they could to gain you as a customer.

Unless someone here on Yes Crowd sees this and has experienced the same thing and can shed some light, it does sound like you may need to follow it up with someone higher at Telstra. If you have a social media account, you can send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details and they can see if the exact problem is noted on the account or speak with our Porting team.

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Porting number to Optus NBN


Okay , today NBN connected, speed not bad sir far ... the half good news they managed to port my number, but at this stage can only dial out , incoming calls always get a busy tone.

they say wait 24 hrs & see if it sorts itself out ..mmm

see my next post for modem drama. 

Re: Porting number to Optus NBN


Amazing how difficult it is to accurately explain the issue to Optus , when it seems there just following a flowchart , script ...

my NBN connection seems to be in a state of limbo, pushed from one chat to another & back 

im entered a feedback loop dealing with Optus. 

Still having the port issue. & no one seems to know what to do lol 😂 



Re: Porting number to Optus NBN


27th March - Optus log a tech fault. 


Re: Porting number to Optus NBN


Today Optus did phone issue, I can now receive calls. 

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