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Port forwarding function randomly blocked on optus NBN sagemcom 5366 router

I have NBN for more than 1 year now, and host a small website behind NBN connection with NO-IP dynamic IP solution, everything works perfectly in past year, and after my old NBN router is dead, Optus sent me a brand new 5366 router, looks very cool but works very bad, it will randomly stop forward ports 80/443 to outside for no reason, I have to reboot the router to make port forwarding function works again. I upgraded firmware to last but still doesn't work.

I have to replace it by my old TP-link router, web host is back to normal now, but I lost my fix phone function.

Does anyone has same issue as I have? and can anyone help me on this issue ? thanks in advance !

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Re: Port forwarding function randomly blocked on optus NBN sagemcom 5366 router

There are definite issues with remote access through the 5366, you should check out the main 5366 thread here which discuss some of the issues.

As for phone, you should be able to put the 5366 behind the TP-link, you may have to forward ports 5060-5061 to it and or disable SIP ALG on the TP-link to get it working. Note that when testing the phone you should test incoming calls first before trying to make any outgoing calls. This is because once you make a successful outgoing calls it will temporarily allow incoming calls (for a few minutes), so you may think incoming calls are working properly, but it may not.