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Poor Speed with NBN cable connection

Is anyone else having issues with poor speed on an Optus NBN cable connection?


I currently pay for a "speed pack 4" or a maximum DL speed of 100Mbps. Initially I was regularly able to get speeds of 94Mbps and above with only a slight drop of down to around 80Mbps for weekend peaks and I found the Optus NBN service amasing.


Now however the best I can seem to get is approx 25Mbps week days and 5Mbps on weekends given that I pay for a 100Mbps connection this is clearly unacceptable service provision by Optus, or the NBN network, or both.


At the time of me writting this post, my pings are arround 8ms to the nearest speed check servers but there have been times where pings to these same servers have blown out to arround 40ms.


Given all these issues I am seeing with my Optus NBN cable connection I can only presume either Optus has not purchased sufficient NBN bandwidth to reliably service their customers or the NBN network is a disaster that has no hope of meeting my needs.


I would be interested if anyone has managed to have any luck sorting this issue and if they did how they went about it?

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Re: Poor Speed with NBN cable connection

Hi @firefly-au,


You should be able to see your lines top speeds in of peak times (like 2pm or 6am). If those are maxing out at 25mbps then the issue is not congestion. 


FWIW Optus was (like most RSPs) providing significantly too little bandwidth for sometime but all RSPs seem to have finally cleared that up after some prodding by the ACCC on false advertising.


I would suggest the issue is more likely the underlying NBN network. The NBNCo put all connection to the NBN cable on hold for about the last 6 months. Only now are they just lifting that. That was because of issues with the network itself.


At this stage you need to ask Optus to request NBNCo to have a look at your line. They should also be able to do a quick line test to confirm the slow speeds (HFC is meant to hit 100Mbps easily). Hopefully NBN can then trace the issue and resolve.




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Poor Speed with NBN cable connection

Hi Peter,


Thanks for your comments and suggestion.


I called Optus support today and hopped on the que for a call back. Can you believe it for some reason my DL speeds returned to normal just before the Optus Technical Support person called me back?


I suspect there may still be a long term issue with the NBN HFC cable network loading in my area but for the moment there is no speed issue on my connection. The last thing I did this morning was cycle the power on the NBN HFC box so possibly that could have eventually resulted in the speed problem correction.


Currently my pings to local speed check servers are all under 8ms and DL speeds all exceed 94Mbs where earlier the best I could get was about 25Mbs on the best of the servers. Interestingly about the same time as the speed issue disapeared Facebook sent me emails saying I was loging in from a new location so something definitely changed and I suspect my IP range changed with it .....


It will be interesting to see what happens next weekend with my speeds.


Thanks for your response.


Cheers Firefly_au