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Poor Customer Service

Well... thanks AGAIN Optus!

Was told I HAD to be home between 1pm to 5pm today for a technician to fix my nbn, so I organise the afternoon off, arrange someone to collect my daughter from school and sit here waiting patiently... and waiting and waiting....

By 4.50pm I'm loosing that patience and decide to phone optus to ask when the technician will be here cause I need this issue sorted today.

Get nowhere with my first 2 calls at 4.50pm and 6pm, then on my third call at 7pm I'm advised that there never was a technician coming as they were short staffed today and now I have to reschedule my appointment.

Really optus....really...

Do you think a courtesy call would have been appreciated so I could've picked up my daughter and not put other people at an inconvenience.

This is not the first time this has happened. 

The day of installation I was advised a technician would be here between 1pm and 5pm only for him to appear at 7pm while we're eating dinner - slightly awkward with him sitting on the floor doing the installation in our dining room whilst we eat...

So I suppose I'll arrange time off again Monday for the rescheduled appointment, inconvenience someone else to collect my daughter again, plus arrange yet another person to take her an appointment she has after school...

Where's you customer service optus as this really isn't good enough! Very disappointing!!!

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Re: Poor Customer Service

Sorry to hear that we’re making you disappointed @TinkerGrace. That definitely sounds very frustrating. Rest assured I have tagged your post as feedback to the relevant team for future reference. If you need assistance with your rescheduled appointment or anything else then just chat to us → here. Once again apologies and appreciate your patience.

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