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New Contributor

Please can the board of directors resign immediately

Just spent a hour and a half on the phone today. The service is terrible, nice people on the phone, but the board have not ut in good processes or systems. What have they done to justify their pay packet?

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Re: Please can the board of directors resign immediately

What was the initial enquiry relating to @ptus_r_?


I just want to make sure that we're across the issue. 


Is there anything we can do from our end to help out?


Let us know. 


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Re: Please can the board of directors resign immediately

That's my impression too @ptus_r_.


Soloman Lew recently had a go blaming his customer service department for poor performance, but my read is that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools and authority they have been given. Optus core products (cable and mobile) are technically very good and FWIW very well priced. However Optus management seems to have a history of putting in processes to confuse and leave vulnerable its own customers to unwanted costs. These are systemic. The backend of Optus seems increasingly fragmented and reliant on manual intervention. This is systemic.


The OPtus board seems focused on creating value for shareholders at the expence of its customers. This is always a balancing act but IMO unless Optus starts improving its customer focus (as Telstra has done over the past year) then its shareholders are going to suffer.


Peter Gillespie