Plan/NBN Speed Downgraded without notice from Optus


Anyone else had this type of issue where their 100/40 speed got downgraded to 50/20 without notice?

Have been paying for the same amount (on direct debit) for the last 2-3 years but this happened..

Have asked Optus to fix, but their fix was to re-apply speed pack 4 which makes my current bill plus $30/month..

Re: Plan/NBN Speed Downgraded without notice from Optus


It might be a random error but Optus (like several RSPs) have been offering introductory contracts. After the contract period ends you are on month to month. Traditionally Optus continues the same terms but there's nothing stating that Optus can't vary the service at any point from then on (same as you can leave any time you want without penalty). 


As you're off contract you can see what deals Otus might offer (but the 100 Mbps plan is now considered 'premium' as NBNCo charge a lot for it). You can also look around and see what other options might better suit your needs as one big NBN benefit is the power to find a good fit. For example If you're happy with 500Gb a month and just want internet access then a 100Mbps plans for $75 a month is one option.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Plan/NBN Speed Downgraded without notice from Optus


Did anything else happen to trigger the change? As in were you an Optus Cable customer that converted to NBN perhaps? Or any other change to your account.


Alternatively, has your contract ended that might have included the increased speed at no cost that now that it's completed, you're not eligible for? 


Seems odd they'd change it without notice and not rectify it for you if it was an issue on their end

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