Password protecting my sagemcom3864 modem/router.


We have a Sagemcom 3864AC modem/router. Every time I try to put a password in the modem to protect it from others accessing it and changing the settings, within the modem egSmiley Tonguearental Controls, I have to reset the modem.


I would ultimatley like a manual for this modem, a complete manual, not an optus manual which tells me how to connect, I did that without the manual.


I can access this part of the modem Advanced Settings/Management/Access Control, I then tick the check box, Enable Optus Secure Password. Once I have done this I am given the username (optus), which I cannot change, I am given the option to enter the old password, of which I have used blank, admin, Admin, password, Password, and none of the optus web pages I have visited have specified anything else. I then type in my new password and re-enter the same password and click the Apply/Save button. From this point I am able to return, via Return to Basic Menu, to the Home page, I can access the My Network Page. When I go to access Parental Controls page, Setup and Configuration page or the Advanced Settings page I am asked for a username and password, I enter the "optus" username and then enter my new password to no avail. From this point I have to hard reset my modem so to be able and access these unaccessable pages.


I have called Optus tech support several times today and they are absolutely NO help what so ever. Optus tech support gave me some phone numbers to try and get help, guess what, the numbers were NOT connected. I rate Optus tech support on a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 is very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied a big fat ZERO, not even worth a rating.


Re: Password protecting my sagemcom3864 modem/router.


Hi there @ordrin,

I'll start off by saying I do not have access to said manual.

It may be worthwhile clearing your cookies after you are finished with accessing the router's settings, as you are technically still logged in to it (there is no other way to log out, as far as I know).


Another way to test whether the Optus Secure Profile works is to use Private Browsing Mode (a.k.a.: going incognito); if you require the optus username and your new password, then you'll be prompted for it when you attempt to access this link (which then means your set-up is complete).


Heads up: You'll probably find that Optus Customer Service will direct your call to their NBN Technical Support Team - in that case, they are only open during the day (not sure of the exact hours, though I do know they aren't a 24-hour service).

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-Terry (an Optus customer, like most people on here).

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Re: Password protecting my sagemcom3864 modem/router.


There is another thread hanging around which basically says that you cannot set a password on this modem.  Clearly an unacceptable position, but Optus mods are dismissing any suggestion that this is a security exposure and treating us like idiots.  As much publicity of this as possible is required to get Optus to work with Sagecomm to fix this.

Re: Password protecting my sagemcom3864 modem/router.


i removed the optus modem all togther .. thew in a TP link and all my problems went away.   

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