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Password and internet issues on NBN

I had internet/wifi issues and had to change my modem password.  I spoke to optus and I changed my password that came with the modem to a different password.  All was good.  I then had trouble again and went to the optus wifi modem page and was able to access Home and My Network ithout having to type a password in.   I then tried Parent Controls, Setup and Configuration and Advanced Settings.  Each one asked me to put my user name and password in. (same process that I had to do when I changed my password).  I could not log into any of the three.  It did not accept my password, it would just go back to the first screen where it had my user name there but not the password.  I tried over and over again.  It finally game up with access denied 401. 


When I changed the password I spoke to optus and tole them that the password was changed but when logging into the optus wifi modem page and accessing the Parent Controls, Setup and Configuration and Advanced settings I could not log on with the new password.  I then tried to log on with the old password and it worked!? When I went into the wifi area to check password and revel password it had the new password.  Why do I have to use the old password to get intot he Parent Controls, Setup and Configuration and Advanced Settings yet the new password has what is showing as my wifi password? 


I have alot of trouble staying connected to the internet.  It logs me off randomly but a lot.  I then have to go to the wifi symbol on the computer and turn it off and then turn it back on it works again for a short time and then the interent stops working again. The other laptop in the house has problems but no where near as much as mine.  My iphone rarely has problems unless the internet is actually down.   My laptop is a new MAC. 


Anyone have any ideas?  I have spoekn to optus again tonight and got no where apart from they will check into and get back to me....they didn't get back to me last time so I am thinking they won't again this time.  



When we had ADSL2 I never had these problems, now with NBN I am having all sorts of problems.  

Optus is saying more than likely it is my laptop that is the problem. Really?  Why can I access my optus wifi modem page then but not the select 3 areas as above?  

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Re: Password and internet issues on NBN

Unless there's been a change to the Optus firmware, I was under the impression that parental control features are locked down by our firmware.


You should be able to login to the modems settings & configuration password automatically (no need to enter a username and password). 


Certain changes can't be made on an Optus supplied modem i.e. parental controls - which obviously would require a new password (different to the default password, otherwise that'd defeat the purpose of setting up parental controls to begin).


The WiFi password has no affiliation with the modem setting and configuration password (which you shouldn't be able to change).


You can of course change the WiFi password, which it does sound like you’ve done. As far as the connection is concerned, that a different matter. If you like, I can take a look at that for you.


You'll need to send us a private message. I'll need your full name, DOB and account number. 

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