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New outage started 8pm tonight 11-Sep-19.   Confirmed with others in the neighbourhood.  Last nights outage in St Ives went from 10pm to after 10am.  I raised a case last night for yesterday's outage and never got any update.

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If it is an NBN issue, they usually update you when the issue is resolved.

Re: Outage - NBN - St Ives NSW


Hi Bagelos, I've had a look at the area right now and can't see any downtime listed in the area. Do you have the fault number so I can follow this up for you?

Re: Outage - NBN - St Ives NSW


Hi Alistair,

Optus NBN is working currently.

I have smart home devices setup in more than one premises in St Ives.  All premises use Optus NBN.  They all send hearbeats to servers in the cloud.

Optus NBN was down from Tuesday 10:29pm up until Wednesday 10:16am.  Roughly a 12 hour outage.

Optus NBN was down from Wednesday 8:39pm up until Thursday 12:15am.  Roughly a 3.5 hour outage.

I need to get some work done tonight, so keen to know if there is an explanation for the 15+ hours of outage over the last few days, and if there is potential for another outage tonight.  If the issue is undiagnised, then it may occur again, in which case I should probably stay at work, or accept I need to tether to my mobile and find a location where I get acceptable Optus mobile performance.   After sustained user, Optus mobile tends to drop to 3G or no service, which occassionally drops vpn connections.




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