Organising an Optus NBN Professional Install

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I have now been switched over to NBN and have been trying desperately for over 4mths to get an appointment with Optus for a technician to come to complete the "professional" install I have paid for as well as 2 adaptors ordered which supposedly will help with the poor signal strength we constantly struggle with at our residence.

When selecting our NBN Plan I stupidly thought that I would request the Professional install option as we require further wiring to our old landline point which is nowhere near where our modem is placed. I read the details regarding the install on the Optus web pages. Thinking this was worth the money I placed the order. All was going well and I Tracked my NBN Order and was home for the installation. The NBN tech showed as planned ( which seems a blessing compared to some of the comments I have read on this forum). Again, I stupidly thought that this was when the "professional" install was scheduled. Only to be told by the very RUDE and abrupt NBN technician that it was NOT HIS JOB, it was up to Optus to install. After this encounter I promptly checked my Order Tracker and noticed that my appointment was "yet to be confirmed". Every day I checked the tracker - everyday I kept watching my appointment shuffle through dates!

Since Feb this year I have rung Optus numerous times, I have spent hours typing on Live Chat which takes 5 times longer than actually talking to someone on the phone, with no success. I have spoken to probably everyone employed in the Call Centre and their Managers. Been shuffled between Depts on way too many occasssions to remember and still NO HELP!!
I am getting to the stage that I cannot face trying yet again to get someone to listen to me and organise a tech appointment.
I have come close on 2 occasions to have someone come out to my premise but have quickly received an SMS on each occasion to tell me that my problem has BEEN FIXED. Both SMS telling me that my internet and modem are working fine. Each time I previously explained that I have internet, it is the wiring I need fixed. Each time telling them that I have paid for the install and all I needed was a tech appointment.

I have been promised on 2 occasions that the Manager would call me back. No Such Luck!
I was once promised by a Supervisor that she would definitely call me back within an hour. I took time off from work to make sure that I was free for the call. Guess what - NO call back!

Just yesterday our internet and home phone ceased to work! I called yet again to complain and for the first time chatted to a lovely lady who assured me that she would organise a technician. She apologised for the inconvenience and we organised a time for the technician. FINALLY,
I should have known not to get my hopes up. Sure enough I received another SMS within 24 hrs - "Your problem has been fixed" A techician is not required. Yet I still did not have internet or landline phone.
I am finally back online and am desperate. I have run out of options, I need a technician or at least a refund!
There is no record of my initial order with Optus. Though I have the paperwork, Order number and proof of the order.
I have constantly asked for a direct number to call but no-one will oblige. I only get 131xxx numbers which are a complete waste of my time. 


Maybe the RUDE AND ABRUPT NBN Technican should have done the install but instead just fobbed me off and passed the buck to Optus. I would like to know but I can't get an answer anywhere.
In my lifetime I have never been so disgusted and angry in the lack of support from a company. The "customer service" is non existent as is the reliability and speeds of our new NBN service.

Is there anyone who can point me in a direction where I might get some assistance or is it time to take my complaints to the Ombudsman.


Re: No Show technician

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hi @Oh_so_overit, wow, that is a huge stuff up. My guess is that since you have an active connection via the old point the system/technician just close the job everytime. 


My suggestion is to review your bills since Feb and look for the "professional installation" charge, if you find it then request a refund as no one has showed up. 


In the mean time, look for a installer locally, as power is not involve, a data cabler is all you need. At the same time, worth discussion with him/her about cabling network access points around your home as it will be useful down the tract and provide you with more stable network. 


Also, lately, I found the optus facebook contact is very helpful. Worth contacting them with the issue.

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Re: No Show technician


Yes - huge stuff up alright! 

I guessed so much - they see an active connection and report it fixed. Actually just got another SMS just 10 mins ago saying that my connection was not faulty. Was expecting a technician today as previously organised by Call centre lol!

I would ask for a refund but Optus have no record of my Order number and it has not appeared on any of my past bills. I only have the original paperwork when applying for NBN install.

Looks like I keep trying for a refund and organise a private installation.

so disappointed in the whole ordeal. Been a customer for over 15 years and not feeling that "valued".

Cheers for your reply.


Re: No Show technician


sounds to me the Professional instalation only cover to get your connection going and not doing extra or relocation of cables. If Optus haven't charged you for it then there is no point seeking a refund. 


I would look for a private data cabler to sort out the point or even better putting a switch and a data point in every room and areas that need data connection.

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Re: No Show technician


Hey guys, @Oh_so_overit 

An Optus professional installation is something that we offer. Normally, it's something that's arranged within a week of  nbn™ going out to perform the installation. Generally, it's something that we make available for customers who are migrated onto the NBN-HFC Network. 

If you haven't been charged, then it's more than likely that the professional installation bolt-on wasn't applied when we'd processed the order. 

If you elect to have a professional installation, we'll send out an Optus technician to your premises. According to our knowledge base, the technician will perform the following: 

1) Connect your Optus supplied  nbn™ ready modem to the connection box 

2) Connect any existing phone sockets and as well your PC to the modem 

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