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New Contributor NMoke
New Contributor

Optus supplied modem not working

Have tried switch off the modem for 30s and restarting, as well as a modem reboot.

I can confirm that the internet service is coming into the house as I'm currently connnected to the NBN box via an ethernet cable.

Tried wating on the line for tech support, but it automatically ended the call at 1hr wait.


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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Optus supplied modem not working

Hi @NMoke - we’re sorry for the delay getting back to you. Could you please try factory resetting your modem as well, details Here. If this doesn't help then please contact faults on 131344 and we can organise a new device. 

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Contributor AJH

Re: Optus supplied modem not working

I had the same issue, the NBN 1st modem port was fried. It took Optus 5 weeks to disgnose it. I still have 3 spare modems when all along it wqas the NBN modem.

Make a note of everyone you speak to and screen print all the chat convo's (if you ever get one going lol)

You will need detailed information when you write a letter to Optus Customer Care - a paper letter posted by mail. Add a copy of the letter to the Telecomunications Industry Ombundsman and you should find that people start ringing you... which is kind of cool 🙂

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