Optus, how can you get it so wrong so many times, I am furious !


Here we go AGAIN, Optus stuffed up one more time, it looks like they can NEVER get it right. Why ?


I had a Fetch box Gen 2 Yes TV for years, and it died, started by not recording TV programs, TV tuner failed, but I could still watch packs streaming and recording, then major hard drive failure on 13/03/2019, so called Optus NBN TV that Friday, spoke to GAUREV, he said, "you had your box for a long time now, we don't have this model anymore but we will send you a replacement Fetch Mighty within 10 working days", I asked if there was any thing to pay, he said "usually it is $99 to upgrade to that box, but because it is a replacement for your faulty one that you had for years, there will be no charge", so far so good.


I received the new box on Tuesday 19/03/2019, I was very impressed by the speed of things, 3 working days, wow, and was going to write a praise (for a change) on the forum, that was until I tried to install the box, the old activation code did not work and they did not send me a new one, plus I received a message saying that I had a new new order number (I was suspicious already) ?? So I called Optus NBN tech AUSTIN on 20/03/2019 he said he will send me an activation code (that's after a long time on the phone again), I asked him also if they had changed something to my plan or charges because of that message, he said that he could not answer billing questions and transferred me to billing ...... more waiting ...... then, disconnected, so I called AGAIN ! Went through the loooong menu again, waited again about 30mns and ........


Spoke to MARVIN, asked him about the plan or extra fees because I was a bit suspicious about the message with the order number and after checking (well I assumed that he checked to give me the answer, )he said: "there is NO change to your plan and there is NO extra fee, don't worry" (but I was because I know Optus), but after checking 3 times I was thinking, maybe they have changed and lifted their game because of all the complaints ......... GUESS WHAT !  They have NOT !


Checked my mail today, got my bill from Optus and instead of the $90 I usually pay ( not cheap but that's not the point) I got a bill for $196.26, so they charged me for the replacement box that they said would not charge me for plus they charged me $7.26 for 15 days of Fetch Mighty ?? Don't even know what this is for, they usually charge me $15 and give me a credit of $15 for "Fetch Bundle discount".


I have tried to call Optus today spend more time going through the menu and ...... Sorry, billing does not work on Saturdays, call back on Monday!  


Optus, you are still the same incompetent company and that's another complaint to the Telecommunication Ombudsman.

Re: Optus, how can you get it so wrong so many times, I am furious !


As you've chosen to escalate to the TIO, I'm not sure the value of your post? 


Optus has a dedicated complaint handling policy and a complaints team you could have gone to before opening a complaint with the TIO. The hard part here is, the staff CANNOT see any charges until the bill gets issued. And often some of these box replacement charges are automated and simply just require adjustment.


However, you've closed the door on any staff helping you since you went straight to the TIO.


In future you can write complaints to - also billing is available 24x7 via the chat platform too.

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.

Re: Optus, how can you get it so wrong so many times, I am furious !


@Jeneral__Pain maybe I should have worded it differently, like: "and that's another complaint to the Telecommunication Ombudsman coming your way if not fixed".

Because I did not go to the TIO as yet, I always try to get it fixed first but it is frustrating as I know that I will be spending hours on the phone or chat or both, and believe me I have experienced that so many times over the years.


As for the staff not seeing charges until it's billed, they should at least tell you that it could or will happen because their shitty system will generate a bill for what 3 different staff told you that "you don't have to worry, you WILL NOT BE charged". They have to know how their system works and if they don't, the problem is even bigger.


I found out about the billing being available on chat last night when I chatted to a sales customer service staff and asking the question, he then transferred me to another chat staff that transferred my chat to another customer service that finally transferred my chat to the right billing customer service department, not simple either, one hour on chat and I now have to wait fingers crossed until the 23rd when the money is taken from my account to be sure that it has been fixed.


You would think that when you go through all the menus when you call Optus and finally get to the billing department, and you hear a message that says "the billing department is closed on Saturday, call back on Monday" they could add " but you can make an enquiry 24x7 via chat".


Tks for the link, I will try the complaints website next time as I am sure that there will be a next time :-( 







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