Optus has cancelled my NBN without my consent


Hi all,


The technician has left after a successful installation of the nbn. I called up the activations team to activate my order to find it had been cancelled due to a duplicate order? I only ordered once.


I've been transferred multiple times and had a phone chat with a few reps without a resolution.

My last hopeful transfer I was told there are technical issues checking accounts and to try back later. (I got the hint) 


Is there anyone on here who can help?

I really need my connection back for work as I didn't expect my order to have been cancelled.

Would have happily stayed on my cable plan if optus hadn't threatened the D/C notice earlier this year.


Kind regards.




Re: Optus has cancelled my NBN without my consent


The hard part is the technician doing the setup. If there's been some stuff up after that then you should be able to get that sorted pretty quickly as you are now "on" the NBN. You could ask Optus for extra data on your mobile while you wait? 


Note the NBN uses a completely different cable from the NBN. You should still be able to use the internet via Optus Cable and the old modem setup if you want? 

Re: Optus has cancelled my NBN without my consent


Thanks for the reply Pete.


Tried to hook up old cable modem with previous cabling but it doesn't work. Would have to go further and fiddle with box outside but thats too much effort.


I tried very hard with numerous attempts at chat and phone without support.

Had to place a new order that was partly honored from the previous but no where near what I was expecting considering I wasn't prepared for a cancelled order after Tech left.

Have to wait 24 hours for order confirmation again (if I get one) and up to 10 days for connection.

I feel I've been treated unfairly considering the circumstance that was out of my control and was given no benefit or escalation on the issue.


I was really relying on my connection today but will now need to make alternative plans.


Kind regards.


Re: Optus has cancelled my NBN without my consent


Agree there should be more efforts at fast tracking a repair. Although unfortunately Optus can't make the NBNCo do anything per say. They can only put in another request and go through whatever steps are needed. However your case has several uncertaities:


1) Optus are required to ensure an NBN connection is fully operational before disconnecting your service. You could check to confirm your cable service is being supplied still from their end. They can turn that back on quickly if need be.

2) What NBN technology does your house have? HFC or FTTC or FTTN? If HFC do you have a second cable point or did the NBN connect the internal stretch of the cable to the NBN box (i.e. disconnect the cable from the OPtus Cable box outside?)

3) Its unclear when the cancellation came about? If the technician turned up and hooked everything up and did the speeds tests etc. then that's the hard bit. NBNCo should normally be able to flick the line back on within 15 minutes to an existing connection. No visit required

4) Optus do have options for alternative data in these cases. If you are in a 4G area you can request a dongle and say 15Gb of data. You need to buy the dongle at an Optus store ($30?) and Optus will recredit the amount back on your next bill.


Peter Gillespie

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