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Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience

Why is it then that my NBN experience has me feeling like a prisoner confined to their own home, forced to listen to the hotline jingle on repeat, while waiting days at a time for a response on the messaging app-only to be ignored when the issue couldn't be solved? I get messages saying my nbn is activated, says my internet is connected, but every device connected says I have no internet access. I wait 90 minutes at a time, only to be told my problem can be solved, before waiting another 90 minutes - ending with a hangup because of a technical error. If this is a curated customer experience, I did not sign any consent papers for this prolonged psychological torture. Optus has condemned me to the 8th circle of hell - I am Sisyphus trying to find a broadband signal. 

I understand this Covid situation was not expected but the sheer irony of seeing this post at the top of the forum while I'm undergoing the worst customer service I've had in my life, and am scouring for a solution, both amuses and infuriates me. This only seems to be a problem with Optus too! I went to talk to a competing service and not only did their online messaging work, but they responded to me within 20 minutes!

Understandably my frustration is getting the better of me, but it's insulting to think the infrastructure for a catered customer experience was taken away from me and I have to endure this nightmare. I would cancel my service right now if I didn't have to endure the same slog anyway! 


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience

My Optus phone seems to spend an inordinate amount of time not working.

In the 8 months since my NBN was installed my phone has been down more times than the landline had been down in the previous 10 years.

I suspect most issues (other than the outages) could be resolved by adding a VOIP facility to the cable modem itself (we have a HFC connection and an Arris cable modem) rather than relying on the cheap ADSL modem (we don't have ADSL) router with VOIP port to do the work.

I would prefer to use my own router if possible as it's much higher quality than the supplied Optus modem/router/VOIP combo.

Our phone had been out since last week (engaged dial tone) so we rang Optus only to find we couldn't get any service after hours. Then rang back during hours only to find that the Optus computer system was down and they couldn't help us. They agreed to ring us back in an hour or when the system came back up... but didn't. Had to wait another day before finally getting support to finally take a look at the problem. 

At each step in the process we were offered lots of links to online support... which wasn't what we needed. What we needed was our phone working again sooner rather than later.

That means the phone has been non-functional for about a week. That's very bad service and suggests the one point of contact isn't working well?

I'm not keen on paying for a service I'm not getting. Given that Optus no longer controls it's own hardware (the root cause of many of the problems) I would consider switching to some company that does control their own hardware like DGtek? Maybe Optus ought to team up with DGtek?


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