Optus creates concierge NBN experience

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After over a year of implimentation Optus have unveiled a concierge NBN approach.


Key features are:


1) A single point of Contact

2) Active push communication with customers (before, during and after the installation)

3) Access to experienced staff to resolve issues.


Optus have also decided not to close the Installation Case on day one of activation instead waiting a month before closing cases. 


Who new? Smiley Surprised. I'm not sure why it has taken Optus so long to impliment such measures. The issues we're identified by the CEO over 18 months ago. I can't say for sure but I get the impression that Optus and the NBN just haven't gotten along very well from the outset. Perhaps its because they trashed their HFC cable network? Regardless, seeding control of many process to NBNCo obviously meant communications between the two companies would be key to customer satisfaction. 


So as we move in to the final year or two of this long term project it is good to see that Optus might have finally put in place the systems, people and hopefully culture to provide a better tranisition process for the large numbers of potential customers that have yet to migrate. Instead of just blaming poor outcomes on NBNCo (rightly or wrongly) hopefully the customer (and Optus) come out winners.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


Its been a full on project with both processes to build and staff to train judging by the press release. 


Wonder what else is happening in the background @Ray_YC and the Team..... 

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Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience

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It's about time this news became public, thanks for finding it and sharing it Peter! I've been trying to resurrect "Leaders Speak" blogs to share news like this more often.
This "White Gloves" team already know who I am, I tried giving them a collection of customers from here experiencing trouble but they aren't in that position to do that yet.

There are all kinds of great customer experience projects going behind the scenes including ones that address a few of Peter's gripes haha and I only know a few of them. These things just take time.  

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Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


I was wondering why it seemed to be being announced outside of Optus @Ray_YC . Perhaps they just want to get on with doing the job better rather than advertising it? Defnitely positive news though. Understand that for all I might suggest its a simple thing, changing cultures , training people and implimenting new systems can take a long time, especially in an organisation the size of Optus. I work at a company with 100 employees and we're into year four of a system overhaul (so far all still in trial phase)!


I look forward to seeing more from Optus.ter Gillespie


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


Some Concierge that is.....we have been NBN ready for 3 weeks and not a peep from optus or NBNCo (they were supposed to email me when we were NBN ready.Smiley Frustrated


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


This sounds like a dream. I am an existing Optus customer with3 mobiles and a landline .. cable and Fetch and Sport. Optus keeps sending letters that they are about to disconnect and we need to change to NBN. Why do I need to pay $99 fee???

So we did ... new modem arrived ... NBN was already cabled up. So we arranged for the NBN HFC connection box etc. to be done on Monday 17th June between 8am and 12. Took the day off work ... No one turned up. Perhaps the techs dont have phones ??

Have received 2 more e-mails asking me to connect !!! Contacted chat line and they said they would get back to me in 48 BUSINESS HOURS that is 6 DAYs!!!

Complained to their complaits dept ... still no answers now 3 days later. Tried the chat line tonight 11pm and it said that a connection could not be made as they were too busy !!

Order 70717614A
$99 Bundle Plan

In Progress


your appointment is completed.


In progress

  • Requested activation date: 17 Jun 2019, 12:00 am

In progress – delivery in 1-5 days

  • 13 Jun 2019, 07:42 pmYour order has left our warehouse
  • 14 Jun 2019, 12:34 pmYour order has been delivered

A communcations company that can not comunicate.....PERHAPS THERE IS ONLY ONE CON - CIERGE .....


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


Optus should generally waive any startup fee for existing customers transfering to Optus NBN. You can probably request this next time you get in a Chat with them (although they may not be able to action it until you receive the charge on a bill). It might be for the new modem?


Although its beyond Optus control if the NBN Technician turns up, I agree the follow up process should be much better than what you are experiencing. At least Optus know they should be providing a concierge process (even if they don't seem to actually be providing one)


Good Luck and hopefully you get hooked up soon.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


Exactly. Mr Con Cierge must be very busy. 

My Nbn connection experience has been nothing short of laughable. I have now had  3 connection appointments where nothing has happened. Each time Optus has said that they will call me beforehand to discuss. Each time crickets! I then receive an sms asking me why I haven't connected to nbn. Thinking I must be connected now I install my new modem and cabling only to find I'm not. I then have to remove it all again to get back my ADSL. This has happened 3 times now! I have spoken to 3 different people and another 2 on the chat line. No one has been able to tell me what the problem is, all they do is reschedule another appointment. When I go on the My Optus App it tells me that my order is completed. Optus told me yesterday that I now have a connection date for July 16th. Order No. 75888858A


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience



so no one turns up on the 17th June  ... lots of phone call later turns out we do not have a C-TAG ...(21st June) so why the 3 letters telling me that I had to August to change to NBN  or be cut off.

OPTUS arrange another installation date 5th July..

NBN phoned 3 times checking if we would be home and we had no vicious dogs (or cats). Even a NBN tech came to check all was ok prior to install..  Big day came July 5th .. tech phoned prior the arrival ...will  be there at 10 am... WOW we are going great. Tech drills thru wall and connects me to NBN .. he tries to connect to OPTUS but no luck ... an hour later he leaves saying that the prcess is automatic and wait 30 minutes or so.     At 3 pm I phone hOPLUS

and spend 40 minutes between departments (where is CON Cierge?) after which I said that I had wasted another day off work and could they text me when they knew what the problem was.

30 minutes later I get a text saying that we didnt have a ........   wait for it ... a CTAG !!! and that we needed a new order number.

I have given up now and will go overseas for a holiday ... they can cut me off.

One plus ,the Compalints dept. waived the $99 connection fee  ... looking at my order paperwork I didn't get charged in the first place ... the order taker on line made a mistake.


Re: Optus creates concierge NBN experience


Sounds exactly like a job for a concierge. I don't know if Optus actually have this process in place or are just advertising it.

FWIW it does sound like the wait at home process is over. You are physically connected to the NBN internally and at this stage any additional work should be purely settings at headquarters (or worst case street work). 


No idea what a CTag is but hopefully they find one. At this stage I would suggest you are close to the end. I would be careful just walking away. If you want to end the contract then make sure Optus know that's the situation. 


Peter Gillespie

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