Optus NBN is a joke


Optus NBN is a joke, and I feel like I speak for so many users other than myself. I have been with Optus for about 6 months, and whilst it hasn't been entirely unusable for the most part, tonight has pushed me over the edge to say that Optus hasn't delivered on their promise, and I am not the only person on this boat.


I am currently paying $100 for 100/40 down/up, which is really just 100/40 for about 50% of the time I actually have a connection. It is constantly in a state of instability - always dropping out and never providing a stable connection with ping constantly going up to 200 every 10 seconds. In addition to this garbage connection, I've experienced huge packet loss during peak times and streaming/gaming is impossible.


Whenever I try to contact support and get things fixed, I eventually just give up because of the completely unsatisfactory responses I get. For how much Optus likes to boast about their amazing high quality customer service, I always seem to get taken through the same useless scripted solutions. I get taken through basic routine troubleshooting that frankly has never actually fixed any of my problems ever. As if they think I'm some stupid customer that has no idea what they're talking about, which feels very condescending and ironic because half the people I've spoken to are speechless whenever I bring up something technical.


And then there's the classic "peak time" statement: "Oh hey, you're using the internet during peak time, so there might be congestion in your area." Wow, thanks for providing me useless information that is completely irrelevant to actually solving the issue at hand - which from a cursory Google search can be explained by Optus' cheaping out on CVC and bottle-necking their customers who are paying for the highest speed package.


If the problem is unexplained by the above, they'll give you zero transparency and zero information on the issue. Optus fails to provide details on maintenance and outages with their NBN connections, and their customer support is reflective of that.


So, I am paying $100 a month for:

  • An unstable, laggy internet connection which is supposed to be a huge leap forward in Australia's networked infrastructure
  • Unsatisfactory responses from customer support that have never helped any of my issues


I have done all the testing I possibly can - it is clearly not an issue on my side, yet Optus refuses to hold themselves accountable and fix connections in my area. Last month's outages that affected specifically Optus users and no others is moreso an indication of their inability to provide a stable service. This is not just a one-off, Optus has constantly shown a pure lack of customer recognition and overall care for their network. I have spoken with plently of friends and family who are with other providers, yet they don't seem to have the issues that I constantly have with Optus. And of course, those who are with Optus seem to be complaining just as much as I do.


I am very frustrated, especially with the current works on all HFC connections, meaning that I am unable to file a formal complaint with the ACCC and break my contract to switch to another provider without losing out on an NBN connection, which basically means Optus is free to do nothing and will still be cashing in on all their unsatisfied customers.


So really I'm just preaching to the choir - hopefully Optus will see this as a wake up call to actually do something, and hopefully others will take this into account when choosing the correct ISP. Optus, thanks for promising things you cannot provide.


Re: Optus NBN is a joke


Agree with you 1000%! I chose Optus for my mobile service three years ago and was very pleased with their service. In 2016 I switched from iprimus to Optus for my internet and home phone line, again, good service ...... THEN I switched to NBN via Optus and since doing so, it’s been a nightmare !

Re: Optus NBN is a joke


can't agree more

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