Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


NBN dropping out up to 9 times per day. We are on to our 3rd Optus Modem ( it is in the mail), we had approx 18 months of flawless NBN service/Fetch/Netflix/house phone/Wifi, unable to stream from Fetch, this has progressively worsened part way through 2017. 

Now is Feb 2018 and no further advanced.


Each time is the same result - start from scratch with on phone with Optus operator, "we will test the line, yes we can see it is unstable and have now reset it from Optus end and should be fine now" I even had one tech say "it will not happen again"....  RUBBISH! 


We have been very patient and understanding for a long time, our issue has been escalated to NBN once again and NBN say can't find anything wrong... well, HELLO I can tell you there is something very wrong....

12Feb2018 we restarted modem 9 times, sometimes 1/2 hourly drop outs.

Every time I restart there is a 404 error that comes up on my computer (optus are not interested in that).  

I have kept a detailed diary of each drop out and the lights on the modem/phone. We pay up to $115 per month for almost useless NBN and recently had to purchase a mobile phone and pay for a included calls plan so that we can ring Optus or they can ring us back when the house phone is down - this is rediculous. Next contact will have to be Ombudsman if not fixed. Does anyone have other ideas? PLEASE can anyone help us? 

Re: Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


You haven't said whether you have HFC or phone line VDSL. The faults are different in each case. HFC just has random allergies to certain people and sometimes line amps are adjusted incorrectly. VDSL is more complicated, because it uses the old phone line, which may be corroded or earthed.

Re: Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


Thanks for your interest. My knowledge is limited in this area so I cannot tell you if we have HFC or VDSL, how would I find out?

I do know we are on Fibre to the node and pay for 25/5 speed. Last night I noticed that the modem was very hot (hot weather lately). I turned the modem on its side and ran the airconditioning in that room (just for the modem) and have not had a drop out since however it was early evening by then. I will keep it as cool as I can BUT running an airconditioner for a modem is a bit out of my price range.

Re: Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


I have been having similar increased problems the last few days too - I also attribute it to the warmer temperature. I have have several Sagemcom crashes during the day. I also noticed its temperature feels hot. It's a crappy piece of hardware which can't take 30+ degree heat.

Re: Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


One simple tactic is to take the plastic off. Others put 12V fans on them.


If you can find a 12V plug pack lying around.


Alternatively there are loads of vdsl modems


You just have to be careful about whether the phone will still work.

Re: Optus NBN crashing up to 9 times daily


Hey 10000000000gb, Fantastic amount of information you have provided for people looking for answers well done I have saved your info. in my quest for a stable internet Thanks, chilla.

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