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Optus NBN and Foxtel Cable

I have optus telephone, optus ADSL2 internet and foxtel cable. I have been notified that the copper line with be disconnected shortly and I have to upgarde to NBN. My question is, will my foxtel cable connection be affected by the NBN installation?


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Online Community Manager

Re: Optus NBN and Foxtel Cable

Hi @mpg, do you know which NBN technology type is being rolled out in your area? You can check NBN's planned roll-out map to confirm. If you're switching to an NBN-Cable service, you'll be able to keep your existing Foxtel service.

NBN supplies their service over the existing underground Telstra cable infrastructure. My parents were in this exact same situation and there were no changes to their Foxtel service. NBN should provide you with a two-way Foxtel splitter (F-TYPE Coaxial cable splitter). If they don't have a splitter on hand, you can purchase one online or from an electronic retail store like JBHIFI. 

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