Optus NBN Install not working


The NBN modem is connected properly and the DSL Light is solid green. 


NBN was first supposed to connected on 23/10/17 and then was rescheduled to 31/10/17. NBN confirms that everything is complete from there side. Optus sent a technician today (03/11/17) to house as the connection is still not working and guy didn't do anything and blamed NBN for not having completed connection. Luckily NBN contractor was next door putting the box at our neighbor's house. We requested them to cross check what Optus technician said and they confirmed NBN side is fine and Optus needs to check their end. Clearly the Optus technician is incompetent.

Re: Optus NBN Install not working


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, @nsidhu. Is your NBN connected and working since posting? If not then have you raised this with Tech Support (131344) to investigate further? I can check the status of your connection please PM us → here your home phone number / account number, full name and date of birth. 

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