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New Contributor

Optus NBN HFC coaxial connection issue

I am previous Optus Cable customer and have just switched to Optus NBN (HFC).

The old Cable modem was installed in the Garage along with my Hills Hub which sends ethernet cables across the house. Hence there is a coaxial connection from the Optus Junction Box to the Garage.


When the NBN was installed, the tech said the signal needed to come from a Telstra junction box. He used a disused Foxtel connection in the lounge room and set up the NBN Arris Connection box in the lounge. That meant the new Optus NBN modem was installed in the lounge and could not easily connect to my Hills Hub.


My question is - can I divert the coaxial cable used in my Optus Junction Box to the Telstra Box (using a splitter)? This would then mean a coaxial connection will go from the Telstra box to the lounge (old foxtel point) and the garage (old Optus cable point).


I have another workaround using Ethernet connections but was thinking the above might be a better way.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Optus NBN HFC coaxial connection issue

Splitters are fine. They plugged in a splitter in my HFC plug in the wall when the NBN came. Meant I could run the old HFC cable signal and the and new NBN HFC signal at the saame time down from the same street line. 


You'd just have to see if the connection caused the speed or stability to drop. Note you could also just get a cable guy to run a cable from the NBN wall box outside to where ever you wanted (or you could do it yourself.)


Peter Gillespie