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Optus NBN FTTC and UniFi Security Gateway USG

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Just wondering if anyone has tried to get a UniFi Security Gateway working with a FTTC setup.


I assume that the NBN modem is acting as the DSL provider and the ethernet port on that device can be plugged directly into a router WAN port. But also wondering if I have to layer on top of that connection some sort of authentication settings and/or protocols.


I'm just going to give it a try tonight and see if I can get it working. But if anyone has got this working would love to hear back.






Re: Optus NBN FTTC and UniFi Security Gateway USG


FTTC NBN just provides you an ethernet port and thats it. Requires no authentication at all on your own devices.

What you do with such a port is up to you, although currently you need ot use the optus supplied router to get the phone service.

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Re: Optus NBN FTTC and UniFi Security Gateway USG


Absolutely, it's what I roll out to all of my residential clients looking to completely remove their network from the bottleneck equation - which happens more often than I'd like on NBN.


USG has both Static IP and PPPoE authentication available and you shouldn't need the USG-Pro to do 100/40. USG-3P should be plenty.


If you want to check out the options available to you, check out

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