Optus NBN Down - General Network


Hello All,


Since this afternoon I had noticed that my internet connection is not intermittently working. Reset all the NBN terminal device and the Optus router and still the problem.


No notification on the Optus Status Page. According to the page the network is good.


First thought it was just severe congestion as I was trying to research Alternative RSP and finding that websites were not connecting 


Called the Optus Help Desk and there is a general message about Optus NBN is down. And you can register your mobile to notify when it is back up.


I'll definitely call back to get some financial compensation which  is usually $30 for this service interruption and plus the usual congestion.


Could Optus confirm if it is a general network issue and ETA OR update their network status page.


Ticket number 15595643

Re: Optus NBN Down - General Network


Hey oceans, thanks for getting in touch. This issue should be resolved now but can you confirm if you're seeing this on your end? Happy to look at providing a credit on the account for the amount of time you were with out service. Are you able to PM through the full name,account number and date of birth on the account and we can take a look for you? 

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