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Optus Modem hasn't been delivered for 18 days


I signed up Internet Entertainment Pack on the 25th of October but before signing up, i asked the guy in chat if I will receive a new modem as my modem is already 3 yrs old. I was told yes. Which is the main reason of why I am upgrading (4g backup).

I've been waiting for NBN modem to arrive since then but my order status says its been closed/completed when I tried to track the order via the mobile app. All I got was the sim card by the way.

Tried to reach customer service center by chat numerous times and for some reason my sim was activated (even though I haven't opened it yet) and then I rung up and was told that since my old modem is working, I shouldn't get any modem, which is pretty frustrating. I was assigned to a case manager in which I was told to wait for 24 hrs. It has been 49 hrs then.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am already thinking of cancelling my plan with Optus. There is no cancellation fee but I have a feeling that I will get charge to pay for the new modem that I did not receive as it states in the contract that you must pay for the modem if you are going to cancel.

Order number: 192574541A
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Re: Optus Modem hasn't been delivered for 18 days

Hi @mitsy01, sorry to hear about your NBN modem order issue. Since the new modem has a 4G back up service it runs on our mobile 4G network. This is the reason you have received the sim card. This also means you should be getting the new modem. You can`t use the sim card with the old modem. 

We will need to loo into the order for you. In saying that since this is a public forum we can`t access customers account details here. As such your best to contact us via Social media by  sending a → private message to Optus on Facebook or a → direct message on Twitter with the details for further assistance.

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