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Optus @Home App

I have a new NBN modem, F@st5366 LTE. I downloaded My Optus @home App yesterday and it connects to the modem and shows download and upload speed on the first tab. However, when I tap on the "modem" tab, it fails to connect to the modem and this error pops up: "Sorry, your modem is not supported by Optus @home."

I contacted tech-support and they confirmed the app does support the modem. But there is not way to get the app talks to the modem. I cannot even type in my modem username and password there, as it is all grey.

I tried "Modem Installation" wizard on the third tab, but none of the reference number I have, works here. 

FYI, I use iPhone XS.

Any idea how to fix this problem?


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Respected Contributor

Re: Optus @Home App

What type of NBN do you have?

Only FTTN and FTTB use the 3566's modem, all others use the NBN Box's modem which you can not interact with.

Note that I've never used this app and therefore don't know what it wants to try and do with the modem settings.

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