Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Seriously Optus, on your homepage ( there's an image with a link as per below:


When you click on the link it takes you to the NBN plans currently on offer and promotes the $60 per month plan shown above as well as a "Streaming" plan for $80 per month. As per this link.


I couldn't find anywhere, any indication on the NBN speed that each plan was promoting. According to the NBNCo there are 3 "superfast" speeds available via the NBN (25mbps, 50mbps, and 100mbps) plus one basic speed of 12mbps.


I then found what I was looking for in the fine print. If you click on the "Critical Information Summary link" for the $60 per month plan it states the following:


"nbn™ speed
For customers connecting to this plan on the nbn™ the default
speed included is Basic. This plan is not compatible with speed
packs. To access higher speeds, customers can upgrade to
the $80 Plan. More information about Optus’ nbn™ Speeds is
available at


The NBN is the latest consumer internet technology offering that this country has to offer and Optus, being one of the largest Telco's in this nation is plugging the slowest and most basic speed to entice people to sign up!




Seems like your Latte sipping marketing managers have been spending too much time at the coffee shop, or out shopping for new scarves or tending to their hipster beards.


The reason I am posting this is for any existing Optus cable internet users looking to upgrade to the NBN. Please be mindful before signing up that the NBN comprises of 4 speed offerings (here's the link again) and the currently advertised $60 per month plan promoted on the Optus Homepage is offering the slowest NBN speed pack which is slower than the current minimun Optus cable internet speed (unless your Optus cable internet is congested of course).


If you are out of contract and are a current Optus Cable customer then SHOP AROUND IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE NBN!


The NBN has unleashed a plethora of competitivly priced plans from an overwhelming amount of ISP's.


I called Optus as I am out of contract - to see if they could match a competitor's plan, unfortunately the answer was "No" (I don't know why you continue to use the "Yes" slogan all over the place). So as such I have just had the NBN installed at my premesis which has been up and running since Monday. I am therefore going to be cancelling my service with Optus.


I have ported my home number to the new ISP and I am paying $79 per month for the following:


-Unlimited local and national calls - mobiles not included

-Unlimited data usage on the fastest NBN 100mpbs speed pack

-ISP supplies VoIP/SIP connection details so you can configure your own ATA device or other SIP compatible device.

-$1 WiFi AC Router - one off fee

-Static IP Address with NO incoming/outgoing port restrictions from the ISP level.

-12 month plan


Their basic plan is $59.99 on the 100mbps speed pack with pay as you go phone calls and dynamic ip address.


Optus I'm not going to publicly name the ISP I have moved to but those of you who want to know the ISP, please private message me.


Optus it was great while it lasted, thanks for giving me $20 a month discount on my slow cable internet service over the last year after complaining to the TIO. And thanks for eventually patching up the security flaw in your Netgear CG3000V2 cable modems posted here. Which I'm sure the Australian Privacy Commision would have liked to have been notified of.




Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for

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All good information Beetroot. 


The slow speed of the $60 plan should be made more obvious IMO. As should the fact you can't even pay extra to upgrade to a higher NBN speed even if you wanted to. Perhaps more important is that calls are metered and charged - which seems a step back from the unlimited national and mobile plans that are now the norm.


That said, the NBN isn't about speed for everybody. Its about connectivity for everybody. Plenty of  people only want to be able to check emails and browse the web. Although IMO those same people probably like making landline calls so they'll probably end up paying another $20 anyway. But if you just want a solid internet connection and are happy to only recieve calls on the landline then its a reasonable option IMO.


The plan you mention might suit your needs but does emphasise speed over utility. As a comparison for $90 Optus offer:


- Unlimited  calls to any phone in Australia (landline and mobile)

- 25 Mbps speed (upgradable if desired)

- Free Modem

- Free PVR (and bonus premium content) - Very good PVR by the way.

- Free Optus Sport


Most Oz households won't need greater than 25Mbps for many years, so paying for it wouldn't make sense.


If you haven't already signed up elsewhere I know of another ISP that is offering everything you've mentioned (don't know about the static IP though) plus unlimited mobile and landline calls for $69. They also have a month to month option for $10 more if you'd like to "try before you buy" Smiley Happy  PM me if you'd like to look into it.


Edit I see you've already ported.  Be interested if the 100Mbps speeds are comming as advertised? Seems a bit hit and miss at any ISP as to what speeds you actually get once you join the NBN.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Hi Peter,


Thanks for your feedback mate, I appreciate it.


I guess to be more specific, the context of my post above is with regards to customers who are out of contract and currently using Optus HFC (cable) internet and are NBN ready. Therefore these customer would already be used to a speed much higher than 12mbps. So, when comparing what you have now with what's being advertised by Optus, please consider the speeds on offer and compare that to what you currently have. Also, as @petergdownload suggested, compare the phone inclusions too.


At the end of the day, when it comes to HFC (which is what I was using and am now continuing to use under the NBN) the consumer finally has the upper hand with so many options offered by so many ISP's instead of being tied to two dominant brands (Optus and Telstra).


Just on the point of connectivity vs speed.


Not splitting hairs, but originally the NBN was intended to be all about speed and connectivity (with fibre to the home) then came the federel election which changed all that and is the reason why we have so many different NBN mediums (Wireless, ADSL, HFC, and all the different fibre options) with so many different speed offerings. It actually was all about providing a high speed and future proof piece of national infrastructure. However, you're right though, as now this is no longer the case.


Remember, the NBN Co is an internet wholesaler which means every ISP buys the internet from them. So the fact that one ISP can beat the Optus $60 NBN plan mentioned above at the highest NBN speed of 100mbps down / 40mbps up (with an Australian Call Centre) -  you have to scratch your head and ask is Optus over charging their customers?





Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Hi @beetroot, thanks for the feedback on the marketing of the $60 plan. I've passed this through to the marketing guys to look into and address. 

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for

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All good points.


Yes the ubiquitos high speed would have been truely transformative. Its a crying shame how politics became so dominant. But that said even the FTTP rollout was a political move - Telstra was playing hardball wy back then and felt secure in the knowledge it owned the last copper mile. Going 90% FTTP and basically bypassing that mile altogether forced Telstra to the negotiating table. I'm still optimistic that as this initial rollout settles down and FTTC (Curb) can continue to quietly replace FTTN intallations that we will get there in the end. Smiley Happy


IMO the juries still out on low priced ISPs. Many of the costs of connecting to the NBN are known and based on these $60 for unlimited everything is very tight for the ISP to make a profit (we're talking a few $ a month). The main way to save money is for the ISP to provision less bandwidth to handle peak times. Not saying that's happening and it seems even big ISPs are getting the provisioning ratio wrong in many cases. 


I agree the $60 Optus plan really should highlight its significant speed limitations, particularly as the word UNLIMITED is front and centre on the package. But comparing a competitors $60 plans to Optus $80 plan I don't find them too out of step with each other when you take into account other inclusions. 


It is great to be able to compare these now though. It should definitely improve competition. I'm looking forward to the middle of the year when both the NBNCo and Telstra start releasing bandwidth data (so we can see where the bottle necks are in the network)




Peter Gillespie


PS To those that may wonder, yes we we both thinking of the same alternative ISP.

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Couldn't agree more Beetroot.  For a big telco, where are the options?  Either that, or change the tag to 'No'.


PS hope MR has delivered what you expected.

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Hi @mgw3, what options are you looking for?  Go to: and it shows a $60 (at 12/1) and an $80 (25/5) plan.  The $80 plan has the ability to upspeed your access from 25/5 to either 50/20 or 100/40.  There are options to add different voice (phone) add-ons.  There are options to add different TV (Fetch) add-ons.  The aforementioned may not suit you, but they are there.


Hi @beetroot, maybe going though your link does not show you the limitation of the $60 plan, but a quick look at shows the following under the $60 plan (was this not on your link):  

Basic Speed Pack included

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Thx @Berowra. Appreciated. Do you have a link for the upgrade speed pack costs in addition to the $80 mth plan? Just can't find the $ prices - they're well hidden. 

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Hi @mgw3,  Well hidden...  I know the uplift to 100/40 access is $20/m.

Re: Optus $60 NBN Plan - Beware of the speed you are signing up for


Yes Optus is a bit coy about the speed boosts. They don't appear to offer the 50 MBps tier (a speed the system and most households would find emminently doable.). So single option of 100Mbps for another $20. Its listed in the CIP




Peter Gillespie

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