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New Contributor JJGood
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Only building without NBN in the suburb

According to the NBN Co. rollout map, the building I live in, is the only one in the suburb without NBN connection, and the expected connection date keeps getting pushed back.

I got in touch with Optus via the Live Chat, who said I need to get in touch with NBN Co.
At the same time I contacted my estate agent, who said "NBN usually pass on a form for approval to the agent. We have never received anything from NBN."

I've contacted the NBN Co. who said that I need to get in touch with my provider.

Not a big fan of chasing my tail. And I feel as though if Optus were to get in touch with the NBN Co, then the NBN Co. could send said letter to my estate agent?

Am I missing something here?

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Honoured Contributor
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Re: Only building without NBN in the suburb

So your connection date via the NBN website is still not active? 


FWIW  NBNCo doesn't generally deal with 'people'. It is a wholesaler that deals with RSPs (i.e. Optus). Optus buys connections from the NBN and sells it to you. You are Optus customer, Optus are NBNCo's customer. 


Your estate agent is the one that handles NBN connections. You need to deal with your estate agent so they can deal with an RSP (Optus?) who can then deal with NBNCo. Neither NBNCo or Optus can do anything unless your estate agent decides to deal with them.


Peter Gillespie

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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: Only building without NBN in the suburb

Don't think it is your or optus's job to chase up a building NBN service. Have you contacted the body corporate to chase up on the developer/owner to get NBN access for the building if it is a recently constructed building OR check the NBN roll out status on the nbn website to see how far your address is for NBN, the roll out should complete by 2020. 

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