OTUS NBN connectivity issued


My internet connection since morning has suddenly stopped working. I shutdown the modem, waited for a few minutes, but it's still not working. I checked the optus network status page to see if there is a network outage in my region and it says it's working. 
I have the Sagecom NBN Optus Modem with the NBN connection inbuilt in the wall. The lights on the modem are as follows

Power: Green - Solid

DSL: No light

Fibre: Green - Solid

Internet: Green - Blinking

Phone: No light (Since I havent connected a phone to the modem)

WPS: No Light

WiFi: Green - Blinking

Re: OTUS NBN connectivity issued

Guessing its fttp , fibre to the premises, try unplugging the nbn box from your wall for 30 seconds, and re plug, check the network cables are properly fastened from the nbn box (NTD) to your pc/laptop/console/router. failing that, the sagemcom routers are a joke at best. try a factory default reset, hold the reset button in, until the lights on the router turn off and on, and let go. see if  it connects then.

Re: OTUS NBN connectivity issued


Hi @asfand96,


Sorry about the delayed response, we've been flat out lately! Have you since been able to resolve the issues with your NBN service? If you've spoken to our tech team on 131344 have you been provided any fault reference or PR numbers we can investigate for you? If you'd like us to take a closer look into the account please feel free to PM the account details here →

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