OPTUS NBN changeover First Class !


Instead of the mainly negative topics on here I wish to congratulate Optus as regards switching over from Cable to FTTC NBN.


This process has been first class from original chat midweek to placing an online chat order midday Friday to having NBN running by 10.30 am the following Wednesday. Optus sent the Gateway by Tuesday morning, NBN guy arrived on time Wednesday and today a guy arrived on time at my request to remove the old cable and connection box on the outside of my home.


The secret in dealing with Optus is never try ringing but use their chat on the website.

There are then no problems with Mumbai accents, no problems with poor VoIP lines to call centre, no problems with softly spoken Indian call centre workers.


My thanks to Elena, Quaz, Braden, Russel, Jane  and Mitchell


Never trust the record of the chat to be emailed to you at the finish, simply highlight chat and copy and paste into a Word document for your records.


If your connection is FTTC you do not need to use the Gateway Optus sends you if you have a decent modern wireless router as the output from NBN connection device in your home is Ethernet connected into the Wan port of a router or the Gateway Optus supplys.


My speeds are 47.8 down 19.00 upload daytime  .....  46.8 down 18.7 upload peak

Re: OPTUS NBN changeover First Class !


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Re: OPTUS NBN changeover First Class !


Well if you prepare properly before you order NBN like checking your phone connection sockets and disconnecting all sockets beyond the first socket.


Deal only with OPTUS via chats and keep all chats as word documents then you can paste them back into another chat and you don't have to go over and over the problems again.


Be firm and do not leave a chat session until you have a guarantee of a solution and by saving that chat you have a record of what was promised.


I was prepared with a new dedicated phone line from the Telstra connection box on front of house to my computer study. No other lines or phones connected. When NBN NCD plugged in waited until the first three blue lights were steady and then connected the Sagemcom gateway as per OPTUS instruction and confirmed I had full Internet connection.. Removed Sagemcom to rubbish bin and connected my DLink DIR 878 wireless router.


My speeds are excellent, I have a dedicated phone line, only 20 metres from NBN DPU in Pit in street to the NBN NCD in my study, I'm using a current model DLink router with excellent range throught my home.

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