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I haven't had nbn connection now for about 4 weeks. It worked well for about a year then nothing. 

I have spoken to several Optus "technicians". They don;t seem capable of anything other than unplug, reset.

Three have said they can see my modem and it is working. One could see it when it wasn't even connected.  

They blamed the modem - sent out a new one.  It didn't work either.

There is activity on my account.  One person said teh NBN had plugged someone else into my line. Another said that was impossible.

Optus have never bothered coming out. They have not kept appointments for calls and twice they have just plainly lied to me. 

Now they are blaming NBN.  NBN didn't show for their appointment today.

I'm inclined to shift to another provider but if it is an NBN problem I'll still be screwed. 

Any ideas?



Re: No service


Optus don't send technicians for NBN supplied services, they arrange the NBN service appointments.

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Re: No service


So when Optus say, and I'm quoting from the transcript of last night's chat...": According the case manager we need to send out another technician" a more accurate and less misleading reply would be to say they will get NBN to come out although they can't control NBN showing up.

And when they say "Please reschedule appointment with EU" are they suggesting as the end user I reschedule an appointment with myself?


Re: No service


Hi Dougal0,

Let us know how you go after the NBN technician appointment. 

4+ weeks is not good, if you have any fault ticket numbers let us know and we'll follow it up.

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