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No internet for over a week

So my nbn connection suddenly disconnects over a week ago takes till today for nbn tech to come out he says everything is fine with all the checks the modem needs tobe reconfigured so i ring optus the lady says i can't do anything because another person is meant to be ringing you back later today for an update on your situation. Seriously i need the internet for my work am left with out it now every timei ring they say it's a different problem now i feel like it's never gonna get fixed. All the while im still paying for this its absolutely ridiculous 

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Re: No internet for over a week

I made an account just to add my own story to this, because I am so angry at Optus right now.


Thank you for sharing your experience, we definitely need more stories like this to give others consumer experience information and to encourage Optus to take some action to address this state of affairs. I'm sorry to hear about your situation, and I feel your pain. I am starting to feel that Optus is not only the worst ISP I've ever encountered, but also the worst company. I switched to NBN, and not only did a fudged installation appointment take over a week (leaving me without internet the entire time), but I've had unreliable service ever since. Multiple drop outs a day, random periods when my speed drops below 1MB, and pathetic signal on the supplied modem. I rely on having reliable internet access for my work, and even had a dropout during two Skype job interviews. I'm now conducting my interviews in a rented office in the city, as my experience of "relying" on my Optus internet involves constantly keeping my phone close so that I can tether to my mobile data plan as a backup if need be. This is not a good way to live.


I might have been able to live with this if it were not for their customer service. As you probably know their entire support team seems to be located offshore. I sometimes get the feeling that the names are fake and that certain responses are automatically generated. Each reach-out to support takes at least 30 minutes, and often I give up, because it's too great a cost to my time and productivity to go through the same scripted response like "have you tried to restart your modem? I am not too technical so please wait while I transfer you to someone more technical (wait wait wait)". I have lost all trust in their ability to provide any kind of useful support, and like you say, it just feels like even if today's specific issue is resolved, there will be a never ending trickle of new problems for the rest of my contract period. I cannot live with this kind of paranoia.


I finally caved and cancelled my service today because I really need reliable internet in the coming weeks. and was charged the $450 early termination fee by someone from the "High Care team", which is outrageous given the terrible service (both internet service and customer support). I tried to dispute their claim that I didn't give them the chance to rectify the complaint (which involved waiting for a technician to come and check it out during a four-hour window that I couldn't afford on top of the many hours of my life I've already wasted on this company). 


I am done trying to work with the Optus team, as I only expect continued misery and pain. There's probably no way for me to get out of the $450 fee but honestly, it feels like a good price to pay to be rid of this.


Edits: tamed the emotion down a notch to be more informative.


Re: No internet for over a week

Hey kyriacandro and nope, sincerest apologies for your experiences with the NBN service there 😞 It's far from what we want happening. Feel free to shoot me a PM with your account details (full name, DOB, account/service number) and we'll take a look into it and see what we can do. 

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