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New Contributor Miho
New Contributor

No internet connection NBN

I received a NBN Modena week ago. In the beginning it all worked ok. However a few days later internet stopped working. I reset(on/off) the modem many times, reconnected the connectors many times, and still nothing. What is the problem??? I need to have an internet access at home.. can anyone help?

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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
Crowd Champion

Re: No internet connection NBN

Have you call,Optus technical support? My nbn was unstable on the first day, then my phone stopped working, internet is still going. Called up technical support, he did something and reset something..magic my phone works again but sudently the internet stopped working. He then put me on hold and did some more rain dance . I restarted my modem ..waala all very thing is working again. So, there could be some orders/settings/command to complete and one of them failed and left your connection in limbo, calling support might allow them to complete those request for your connection and fixes the problem

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RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Re: No internet connection NBN

Hey @Miho, I hope you were able to get some help for this issue. Our LiveChat team are available here if you experience any further technical problems in the future.

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