No internet and no help

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Optus and/or NBN are putting me through hell right now and I've lost trust in Optus and no longer believe anything they say. No intenet for over week, and the month prior had the most shocking internet service.


Surely there is a solution to the problem, yet I'm being told nothing it seems except that I need to wait for nbn to be in contact. What am I really waiting for at this point? The bill that's going to come in and I'm going to be charged for even though one of the many tech guys said "we wont charge you for the days you have no internet use"? OK.


I don't have the patience or the money to be one of those people relying on mobile data for months while they get screwed around by their ISP. Especially not right on Christmas.


Re: No internet and no help


I signed up with Optus for my mobile phone back in 2014. The service was brilliant! I then switched my internet and home phone to Optus in early 2016, again, not a problem that was too much for their customer service staff to deal with .....and solve! THEN I switched to an NBN plan! ( my fatal error!) since May my internet with Optus has been a NIGHTMARE!

Re: No internet and no help


In the past I've used Optus for mobile and Telstra was our broadband provider. I had no issues with Optus for my mobile, but making the switch to NBN with Optus was a mistake I think. I believe the problem at the moment is NBN is being slack with the issues, but upon doing my research there are way better internet service providers that I could have gone with. 😓

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