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No connection... no help


We received our NBN box yesterday, and set it up last night.

The box is powered and the network connection light simply flashes. When you read the supplied documentation it tells you that this can take 20 minutes. It has now been 18 hours. And no sign of any connection.


When we rang Optus, they told us to wait up to 48 hours for the network to connect.

We asked other people in the area who have connected to NBN with Optus and others, and they all said it was instant.


I find this extraordinarily baffling in this day and age. A 48 hour turnaround time may have been acceptable in 1972, but I am rather confused. I am also told that a technician cannot be booked as it is not a fault until the 48 hours elapses.


Has anyone else experienced this time warp in service delivery? 

Am i seriously expected to wait 48 hours?


Can anyone please help, as this seems ludicrous, beyond belief.

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Re: No connection... no help

Hey @Whyamihere - not great to hear there's been some delays with your NBN activation. Generally speaking, this process shouldn't take 48 hours after your installation. 


Can you please send me a private message with the following information so that we can check this out on our end:


Full name:

Date of birth:

Account/Order number: 

Are you the primary account holder: Y/N


Once we have that, we'll see what we can do to help.

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Re: No connection... no help

I had a similar problem but phoned after about 8 hours, I was told a Tech would need to fix the problem & that would not be untill Monday (it was a Friday evening) I left the system connected & on. I checked back on it about 2 hours later & the internet light was now on & all was working. The Tech never came & I had an SMS on the monday asking to reply Y or N if fixed or not.


My advice even if it has not logged on leave the modem connected & switched on. I am sure in newly connected areas they have lots of startup problems even now.

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Re: No connection... no help

Ok... so here is how this played out... i will be brief


NBN Router plugged in 7pm Tuesday 21st August

1. First call as mentioned. After the unit clicked for hours, i was told to wait 48hours. That would be an appropriate solution in 1972, but as I assumed i had not entered a timewarp, i was not satisfied with that response. I had told the support staff that this was more than a wait and see issue. We had no active signal into the house.

2. Day 2, ~12pm - i get on to tech chat help. Guy actually seemed to care. Told me that the connection had not been activated. Rang me mid chat (genuinely impressive!!!) told me he set it up. Give it 2 hours. It will be fine. "trust me" he says - (this bvecomes quite funny later). I remind him numerous times that we do not have a line to the house. He does not listen.

3. Day 2, ~2.30pm. Still not active. Restructure my day to sort it out. Ring tech support. Guy seems geuinely concerned. Tells me all that needs to happen at my end is that i unplug it entirely and wait 15 minutes, plug it back in, wait 15 minutes. Guaranteed! ("Trust me" he says). He also tells me he will call me at 4pm "guaranteed" to ensure it is live, or to sort out any follow up steps. I conference call in the wife who is at home. She immediately unplugs the device, and follows his instruction. She runs late for school pickup in an effort to try and get this sorted. I get it Optus. Not your problem. We are just customers. Unimportant.

4. Leave the office. Cancel a meeting for later that day (it's ok Optus, my life isnt important to you either, i get that). Get home by 3.35pm. Plug it in. Wait 15 minutes. Test. Nothing. Wait for 4pm phone call (remember, this was the second "trust me"

5. At ~4.25pm i get an sms to my incredibly reliable Telstra mobile phone telling me a tech has been arranged to visit 28th August.

5. At ~4.30pm I ring given that the operator who promised to call me at 4.30pm misjudged his confidence and commitment to customer service, and must have misplaced his reminder to call me (It's ok Optus. I am just the customer, and it was your staff that offered the call and made the time... ). I advise the operator to just "trust me, and escalate the call as this will not go well". Its fair to say at this stage, I am irate, and my sense of irony is brimming. He tells me that the supervisor is 2-3 hours away from dealing with me. (Side note: Thats a fair amount of escalated problems they must have to deal with). He tells me to give him a chance. At this point, why the hell not? This has descended into farce, whats another "trust me" moment between service provider and abused customer?

6. After trying to tell me that its ok for me to wait 6 more days (it isn't) and there is nothing that he can do about it (there is) for 20 minutes, he finally agrees to send me a preloaded 4g wifi device for the house. "Trust me" it will get there by friday. 

7. Give up. Agree. Whatever. Pricipally, give up.

8. Turn on my Telstra 4G phone hotspotting on so the kids can continue their education and do their learning games etc. Burn bandwidth like mad.

9. 4G device turns up on Friday as promised. YAY!!! One out of 3 commitments met! Well done Optus. After all, the money that I pay you works 100% of the time you go to use it. Why should I have the right to expect more than a 33% strike rate? Sorry for being unreasonable.

10. Friday. NBN calls me. Lovely. Schedules appointment. Makes notes. Genuine. Friendly. Commendable.

11. A little bit later, get an SMS from Optus reminding me to turn on my device as my connection is active and all i need to do is plug in my modem. Laugh so hard I wonder if my pants will ever dry. 

12.  Get through weekend. Whatever, i gave up on Wednesday.

13. Fast forward to pm of 28th. Techs arrive at house. Test line. "You have no connection" they tell us. We know. Refer back to point 1, 7 days ago. Laugh again. Wasnt good laughter. Was the kind of laughter that makes you want to tear up your supply contract like a Prime Ministerial appointment letter.

14. After 90 seconds in the house, goes to pit in front of house. Either transforms into real life Harry Potter, or just establishes the connection. Either way, connection to house. YAY!

15. Moral of the story. I was correct. I am not an idiot. I should have been listened to. Would have made for a much happier customer. And I suggest if someone at Optus says "trust me", get them to have two colleagues repeat that sentiment. It seems 3 is the charm.

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Re: No connection... no help

Simple answer........go elsewhere... I've had nothing but problems with Optus. My fault.... why do I persist with them.  I've been with them for over 10 years.  Stupid me. I'm going elsewhere. 

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