Re: No any confirmation or update on NBN Migration Order

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Final Update (05Jan19, 5:50)

Enough with Optus.

It has been 12 Business days, 2 weeks 3 days, nearly half a month after I placed my order. I contacted with Optus so many times but useless.

They promised that I would be informed with the order update from within 48 hours to 10 business days. Nothing happened.

They promised that someone from management team would call me. Nothing Happened.

They promised many things but nothing has been fullfilled.


Called them today to cancel the order and the current ADSL contract. Time to go with other providers. Bye Optus. 

Thank you all for trying to help me with this case.


Re: No any confirmation or update on NBN Migration Order


This is exactly what I am currently going through. Except last chat with live support they said they have lost my order and to make a new one. What a joke, new order will be made with a new company, someone with half a clue on what's going on. Been with Optus for 20+ years, it ends now. They are a rabble. 

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