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No NBN internet for 6 days


Internet working fine for roughly 2 years and all of sudden completely stopped working. Have DSL sync with normal 107735/44199Kbps speeds. Modem says connected internet. Optus escalated to NBN. NBN told Optus it was a modem issue. New modem gives same results. Anyone else faced a similar issue?

Optus tech being sent out as tech on phone believes it’s an internal wiring issue. I really don’t believe that is the case. Just like I really didn’t think the modem was faulty. But I guess that’s the procedure they follow. Going to take even longer to sort out now as have to wait 2 days for tech to tell me what I already know so we can move on to the next phase.

Re: No NBN internet for 6 days


If you have DSL sync, do you get an IP address or not?

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Re: No NBN internet for 6 days



If anyone else suddenly loses NBN connectivity then these are the steps that resolved my severely complex and mysterious issue..
Follow these below steps to the letter and you should have your internet working again a week later. You're welcome!


  1. Optus NBN Outage begins and then the NBN Co. commence work a good few hours later that evening.
  2. NBN Co. Blamed for scheduled outages in the area.
  3. Still without internet the following morning so ticket is raised with with NBN Co.
  4. Couple of days later and NBN Co. point at Optus Modem as the issue.
  5. A new modem is couriered out.
  6. Plug new modem in and confirm issue is not the modem.
  7. Was then told the problem was my house wiring and that I need to arrange (at my own expense) for a technician to test and fix it.
  8. I argue that it's not the wiring that is the issue. (Highlight DSL sync with High Speeds 107/44 and low SNR)
  9. Technician is sent out (out of goodwill as I've been without internet for a week or so) although I'm told if wiring is faulty then I must pay to have it fixed. I take the gamble ;D
  10. Said technician arrives a few days later then calls Optus and asks if NBN account is activated.
  11. Optus staff then replies "No, it's not."
  12. Technician then asks "Can you please activate the account?"
  13. Optus staff replies "Yeah sure thing."
  14. Technician waits for 5-10 mins to make sure NBN is working again.
  15. Technician leaves the premises.
  16. I start using my NBN once again.
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