No Internet - Not much help either


I signed up to transfer my NBN service from Telstra to Optus over a month ago. Was told about 2 weeks ago that service was activated however i still have no internet.

Have contacted Optus nearly everyday over the past 2 weeks to find out what is going on. Always the same answer, give it 24-48hr and you will be connected. Have done all the testing, tried with 4 different routers etc.. I have asked them to have an NBN tech visit me as i had a similar issue when moving from Telstra ADSl to Telstra NBN. NBN tech had to come to my houe, then had me uplug and plug telephone cable back in to the wall socket while he went to the pilar at the end of my street.   

The NBN tech has come out today (apparently), not to my house and advised that everything is OK.

All i get is the Internet light on my Router.

Anyone else out there have any advise on what the issue would be. Would i be right to think it is a labelling/programmimg issue at the pillar?



Re: No Internet - Not much help either



You're more than welcome to send us a private message with your account details I need your full name, DOB and order reference number.


It's hard to say what's holding up the activation without taking a closer look. It sounds like an issue on the Optus side of things. I'll get back to you as soon as I can Smiley Happy


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