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New modem and Fetchtv

Hi all,


I am frustrated with the Optus support for my new NBN connection.


1. I was promised a new modem but Optus never send it. I am told that the ADSL plan needs to be terminated first, but nothing ever happens. Almost 3 weeks and 10 chats after NBN connected and I am still waiting. More than half of the chat correspondences are not emailed to me even when they promise they will.


2. NBN speed is only approx. 18mbps on average and maximum 28mbps. I am paying for NBN50.


3. I was told that my Fetchtv would keep working but it has now stopped. I assume this is because the ADSL plan is now ended.


This is no way to treat loyal customers. I wanted to stay with Optus to keep things simple. I can't even connect to anyone to chat now. Tried calling and waited endlessly. Another 2 hours of my evening wasted. 


Any ideas on how I can get help?


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Re: New modem and Fetchtv



Sounds like you've been passed around a lot. First question is what NBN technology you have (FTTP? HFC? FTTN?). I'm guessing FTTN which unfortunately has no guaranteed top level (unlike the other NBN technoilogies that all run at 100Mbps). But no guarantee doesn't mean Optus isn't responsible for providing the tier speed you are paying for. Based on your current readings you should be on a NBN25 plan. You need to ask Optus what is the max line speed they rate your connection at? (Note this is only if you are FTTN).


1) Yes emails are a bit hit and miss (take a copy/paste copy into notepad before you end a chat). Can only say keep requesting the modem.

2) The speed will require some back and forth. How many phone outlets do you have in your home? Are you FTTN

3) Fetch TV is meant to keep working but there's been several reports that they can get deactivated in an NBN transfer. I believe you will need to be sent out a new Fetch box as they won't/can't reactivate the current one. Ask Optus to send a return satchel out and also send out a Fetch box (you are only leasing them)


Peter Gillespie

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