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New Contributor JAYMAY
New Contributor

New Optus modem and router, now FOXTEL won't connect to wifi.

This is doing my head in.

After a small problem with internet 'glitching', the cycle pausing and slow, a (very rude and barely understandable) Optus technician came and finally told me to rip out our expensive TP link modem/router, which he said was the problem, and replaced it with Optus new equipment....annoyingly a separate modem / router set.  Apparently it's NBN ready (as was our TP link one.)

While ALL the other devices in our home connect to wifi perfectly, we cannot, now, connect to the internet on Foxtel.
Our foxtel box is IQ3, and has wifi capability.   It is not connected by an ethernet cable as it is upstairs from the modem and router.
Previously our TP link device connected perfectly with foxtel, it also, NBN ready.   No issue at all. (except it was 'blamed' for the original cycling slow internet problem.)


On the SAME day, at the same time, our foxtel box is now not connecting to wifi.   I've tried (oh, about 50 times?) rebooting foxtel, unplugging it, doing the same with the router and modem, and trying re connect to the internet via wifi, via the wifi extender which we have, (both are only 3-5 metres away from the fox box.) and even via WPS.  Nothing helps.

All other devices are connecting to wifi perfectly.  The fox box just says 'connecting' for ages, then 'can't connect'.  
Yes, our password is fine.  

I rang foxtel initially, was told to do all the above (interminably) again, a dozen times.  No network settings appear, no address or anything. It says disconnect.  Finally they told me to ask Optus to change the internet channel, incase it was a 'busy' channel.

I rang optus, who have changed the internet 'channel', apparently one of 3 of the best for wifi, 1,6 or 9. We have 6.

I rang Foxtel again, when there was no change in internet status.  They tossed their hands in the air, and says it's the Optus gear.
I tend to agree.
For a couple of years it has worked fine, with the TP link gear.  All devices could connect to wifi.  On the day,....on the hour! we got a new modem/router setup, it will no longer connect to the wifi internet.  
Incidentally, it WILL connect if I plug an extender into the wall behind it, and connect it with an ethernet cable.
But I need that extender elsewhere.   (especially with the lesser Optus gear).  

Plus, IQ3 is supposed to connect to wifi, right?   It can...I it always has, but not to THIS OPTUS MODEM/ROUTER setup.
SO ANNOYED.  Anyone got any ideas????

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: New Optus modem and router, now FOXTEL won't connect to wifi.

>>Anyone got any ideas????


You appear to have found the idea yourself.

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