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New NBN andHome 'phone rings ok but no incoming !


Nbn connected yesterday'

All went fine except for this:


Home 'phone. Can call out perfectly but folks ringing us can't get through.

It sounds to them as if the 'phone is a-ringing..but it doesn't.

Even if I pick up the non ringing 'phone during the call there is no one there.


Before I timetable myself a hour or so waiting for "nbn faults" at 131344..Has anyone here suffered like me?

Maybe there is a simple answer?

All is super fine except as explained.





Re: New NBN andHome 'phone rings ok but no incoming !



Apparently when... or was it just before...the NBN was connected our home 'phone was "diverted".

This was probably because Optus knew there might be some disturbance to the landline.

It was the NBN team...not Optus...told me of this and remedied/fixed the problem from their end by contacting Optus.


Good of Optus to divert to mobile ( just in case) but I wish we had been informed of this by Optus.


I had firstly contacted Optus about our landline phone not receiving calls  but they couldn't help !!

Strange they didn't know?


Optus said that I had to get in touch with NBN faults. So all of that bit of a waste of time, but WOWIE I am impressed with the NBN internetspeed we now get. Fantastic.

So I'm still a fan of Optus. A bit of mucking about with what should have been a quick call to Optus instead of having NBN run around in circles for about 30 minutes in total!!

But all is Ok now. Just a call diversion fault. Simple.


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